What's David Gest got against zebras?

Insomniacs, help is on the way: Here comes the Liza and David show; Woody Harrelson explains ashtray attack; why Pitt's pissing off the Aussies. Plus: Myers says Powers may do it again, baby!

By Amy Reiter
Published July 29, 2002 9:00PM (EDT)

Whatever you're expecting from "Liza and David," Liza Minnelli and David Gest's "reality" TV show on VH-1, don't expect any hard and fast answers to those questions about Gest's sexual orientation. The show's not going there.

"According to the stories that have come out, I've slept with everything but a zebra," Gest quipped to reporters last week at a press conference about the show.

But Liza's not about to let you in on her husband's boudoir predilections.

"I was brought up a certain way ... and I won't let anyone in the bedroom or in the bathroom, or things like that," Minnelli said. "You have to have some privacy."

Alas, it seems the cameras will focus mostly on the odd couple's kitchen and dining room, as the newlyweds host a series of dinner parties for famous guests like Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Usher and Allan Jackson and possibly George Jones, Al Greene and Barry White, with whom Minnelli plans to sing.

I know, I know ... you're so excited you can barely stand it.

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So that's why she's so skinny

"You hear some celebrities say they can't go anywhere, even to the grocery store, but who the hell wants to go to a grocery store anyway?"

-- Lara Flynn Boyle on her lack of interest in mingling with the little people, in the London Mirror.

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Woody do it again?

Woody Harrelson is ready to offer an explanation for that tangle with a London cab a couple of months back.

After a "great night out," he tells the London Mirror, "I was throwing away a piece of paper in an ashtray. The ashtray wouldn't open. I pulled, gave it a little more pressure and it came off in my hand. So I did accidentally pull an ashtray from the taxi's door, which is unfortunate because I have a great deal of respect for ashtrays and think they perform an important function in our society."

What about the chase that followed?

"I should have just never run," he admits. "I should have handed [the driver] 20 pounds and said: 'I'm so sorry.'"

And he might have apologized to the ashtray too.

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Polling the co-workers

"The bottom line is, was this a decision Rob was comfortable with? It's certainly not a decision I would have come to."

-- Bradley Whitford, who plays Josh Lyman on "The West Wing," second-guessing his costar Rob Lowe's decision to ditch the show over a salary dispute, in the Toronto Sun.

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Juicy bits

It ain't over till it's over. Mike Myers says "Goldmember" may not be the last Austin Powers movie after all. "With as much fun as we had doing this one, and with how much everyone enjoys these films, we should at least get together and talk about doing another one," Myers told "Access Hollywood." Shag that concept rotten, baby, yeah!

Brad Pitt's not making too many friends in the land down under. Australia's Sky News service reports that Pitt pissed off the denizens of Queensland's Gold Coast by refusing to film his new movie, "The Fountain," there because he finds the area too boring and touristy. Pitt apparently prefers Sydney. But now, a compromise has apparently been met whereby filming will proceed in both locations. We all happy now, mates?

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