Celine Dion's odor

Omigawd, what's that smell? Dana Carvey on masturbation humor; what's up with Melanie and Antonio? Plus: Al Roker on thong-wearing grannies!

By Amy Reiter
Published August 1, 2002 4:52PM (EDT)

Those of you out there who've long dreamed of splashing Celine Dion's toilet water on your bod -- you sick twists -- are in luck. Dion's decided that her stench will go on ... the market.

Dion's making like J.Lo and releasing a new perfume in her own image. And though the scent is being developed by Coty Inc., Dion wants us all to know she's had a big hand in getting the formula just right.

"I wanted to partner with a beauty company that would develop a product in line with my values," Dion told the press. "Like creating music, it is important that beauty products appeal both to one's senses and emotions."

Hope it doesn't stink like her music too.

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Don't look, Junior!

"It's easy to do raunchy humor. But you try leaning over and explaining a masturbation joke to your young son."

-- Dana Carvey on why his new movie, "Master of Disguise," is spooge-free family fare, in USA Today.

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It's a virtue, after all

It's hard to decide whether the marital advice Antonio Banderas is dispensing these days is sorta sweet or really sad.

Amidst rumors that his wife, Melanie Griffith, may be carrying on something more than friendship with her "Shade" costar Gabriel Byrne, Banderas told a reporter at the premiere of "Spy Kids 2" that "passion disappears."

Then he added, "It may come back, and you may fall in love with your wife all over again. So be patient."


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Too casual for comfort?

"It's like seeing your grandmother wearing a thong, it's just something you don't want to see."

-- "Today" show weatherman Al Roker on seeing Ted Koppel in a T-shirt, in an interview with "Access Hollywood."

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Terminator limits

Heaven help us. Arnold Schwarzenegger is learning the art of political stumping.

After taking the podium at a multicultural festival in California to ask voters to support his after-school program initiative, Schwarzenegger explained to reporters the difference between showbiz and politics.

"Promoting a movie is a more light thing, and you can stand there with a stogie in your mouth, and you can have the leather jacket on and the sunglasses, and you sell the show-business side of things," the would-be governor told USA Today.

In politics, however, the same swagger need not apply. "You're dealing with something serious," he says, "and you want to make sure that people take you more seriously because of that, and see you as a leader on that subject rather than a Hollywood flake."

Stogie notwithstanding.

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