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Priscilla sells her story of romance with the King; Winslet and Mendes get oodles of it. Plus: "Ed" star busted for allegedly smoking crack and Anna Nicole Smith asks a veddy insightful question!

Published August 2, 2002 4:34PM (EDT)

It's hard to imagine there's all that much to the Elvis Presley/Priscilla Presley story we haven't heard by now, but that's not stopping Priscilla from trying to make a few more bucks off it.

Elvis' ex has sold the rights to the story of her teenage romance with and subsequent marriage to the King to a company with hopes of turning it into a stage musical, Variety reports.

Though the company, Immortal Entertainment, may not be able to snag the rights to Elvis' music, the show itself, Presley says, "will revive memories for us all and impact and excite a whole new generation."

And leave them all shook up?

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Pointless body art

"It's just a circle. I got it to represent nothing because I hate the idea of people having a symbol of wisdom or love in Gaelic on their bodies."

-- Joaquin Phoenix on how the symbol he has tattooed on his arm symbolizes nothing at all, in the Calgary Sun.

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Titanic love nest

Those rumors about trouble in paradise for Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes were apparently greatly exaggerated. In fact, the couple has just plunked down $4.5 million for an eight-bedroom country house on a 20-acre English estate in which to shack up.

Winslet and Mendes, who are said to have outbid Elizabeth Hurley for the deluxe digs, are also reportedly prepared to sink big bucks into its renovation.

"It is a lovely old place but it certainly needs a lot of work," a gabby source told the British tabs. "The gardens are overgrown and some of the outhouses are in a sorry state, but it is still a marvelous old place with oodles of character."

Oodles, y'hear?

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Ask a stupid question ...

"Doesn't that hurt?"

-- Anna Nicole Smith on suicide bombers, on the Howard Stern show.

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Juicy bits

Harsh toke. "Ed" star Josh Randall was arrested in Brooklyn Wednesday night after cops allegedly found him smoking crack with a homeless guy, the New York Daily News reports. Sounds like someone needs a new hobby.

If reports out of the U.K. are correct, Stella McCartney may soon be getting a new hobby of her own: motherhood. No sooner have reports begun to circulate that Paul's designer daughter is set to marry her long-term boyfriend, Alasdhair Willis, than rumors begin to seep around that she might be preggers as well. Gucci diapers, anyone?

Priscilla Presley may not be the only celeb with dreams of seeing her life story depicted on the Great White Way these days. reports that Rosie O'Donnell is working on turning her recent autobiography, "Find Me," into a two-character stage musical. Oh, Rosie, must you?

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