Nikki Sixx on depravity

To the depths of indecency with M

Published August 6, 2002 4:54PM (EDT)

How does Sharon Osbourne do it? Even as she fights for her own health, she's apparently saved one man from a terrible ordeal.

Apprentice miner Roger Shaffer Jr. says he was supposed to be the 10th miner in the Quecreek Mine the other week, but Osbourne's illness touched off a series of events that kept him out of the mine the day his buddies found themselves famously trapped.

Shaffer tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he was supposed to go to Ozzfest with his wife on July 7, but then, since the show got postponed due to Sharon Osbourne's bout with cancer, he went instead to the rescheduled show on July 24, the day the Quecreek Mine flooded.

"I should have been right there beside them," Shaffer tells the paper. "Maybe if I was in there, I would have lost my life ... I have to thank Ozzy and [his] family, because if the events in their life weren't going on, my events would have been a lot different."

Warms the heart, don't it?

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Now that's Sixx

"Once we had taken clothes from a homeless girl, there were no taboos. I even tried to fuck Tommy Lee's mother."

-- Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx on his journey through the pits of heavy-metal depravity, in Spin.

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The cruelties of fame

Jennifer Aniston would like to know, if you write a cutting story about her, will she not bleed?

"Energy is very powerful, and especially when people are putting out that much energy toward you, and not in positive ways," the "Friends" star tells the Toronto Sun, when asked about the gossip that comes with being half of one of the most famous couples in the world. "Not to sound corny about it or anything, but you have to have psychic armour, almost, and let it be what it will be."

Then again, that psychic armour is apparently not exactly chink-free. The arrows pierce her when they affect her family.

"The only bummer is my relatives calling, going, 'Is everything okay?' Or my father concerned that I'm hooked on drugs, or any of these ridiculous things," Aniston says. "The latest is that I crush aspirin into my shampoo to aid my flakey scalp. You start to wonder, 'Am I not doing my job right, if all they're talking about is, like, making up things about my life?' It just drives me crazy."

Well, I'm sure it's nothing a little crushed aspirin won't solve ...

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"Let's just say the magazine isn't the only thing seeing an incredible boost in circulation."

-- Men's Health editor David Zinczenko on how working on a men's magazine has affected his sex life, in New York magazine.

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Juicy bits

Are Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes fixin' to git hitched? According to the U.K. tabs, Mendes gave Winslet a three-carat antique diamond and ruby ring and told her he wanted to spend his life with her. She, according to the tabs, accepted. "They are being coy," one chatty friend of the couple has been quoted as saying, "but you don't give a girl a diamond ring and say you want to be together forever without meaning it." Unless you're like every other celebrity who ever proposed marriage.

It seems Michael Jackson wasn't the only one who thought the original "Men in Black" was serious drama. Tommy Lee Jones, who costarred in it, thought he had been chosen to appear in an action adventure filled with "mystery and menace." "The idea of it being a comedy never occurred to me until about halfway through," Jones recently told the press, "when the director, Barry Sonnenfeld, explained it to me for the 100th time." That funny, huh?

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