Jerry Hall's new guy is "normal"!

Mick's ex says "emotionally healthy" boyfriend a welcome change; Angelina and dad make nice; uh, Pierce, the 007 thing is just pretend. Plus: Go on the Tony Soprano diet!

Published August 7, 2002 4:06PM (EDT)

It's only been a few short days since Jon Voight appeared on TV and begged his daughter Angelina Jolie to reach out and get back in touch with him, but already his public weepfest seems to have had its desired effect.

According to the U.K. Sun, Jolie has rethought her initial refusal to contact her prattling pops and has picked up the phone.

"After seeing how distraught he was, Angelina decided to get back in touch. She could see how upsetting the family feud was for Jon and decided to let bygones be bygones," a "friend" told the tabloid. "She picked up the phone and rang him in L.A. They chatted and arranged to meet when she got back to the States."

Guess she won't be needing that "My Dad Sux" tattoo after all.

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Very small pied-À-terre

"Being from New York it's great to have ... a little bit of real estate in L.A. when I am here."

-- Susan Sarandon on the advantages of getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Paint it green

Is Mick Jagger just a little bit jealous that his ex Jerry Hall has found love and happiness with a new man?

Seems so.

Hall says her new beau, financier Tim Attias, would like to meet his predecessor, but Jagger's not into it.

"Mick doesn't want it to happen. He's a bit old-fashioned like that," Hall told Tatler magazine.

Then again, perhaps Jagger's out-of-joint nose is justified.

"To be treated nice and kind and generous, it makes a helluva change," Hall gushed about her new love. "It's great to be with someone who is emotionally healthy and normal."

Who says you can't always get what you want?

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Juicy bits

And if you're Pierce Brosnan, you can definitely get what you want. According to the London Evening Standard, Brosnan has bought himself an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish just like the one he drives in the new Bond flick, "Die Another Day." An Aston Martin spokesman told the paper that the actor's car has all the same bits and baubles as the Bond car. Well, almost all the same bits and baubles. "Of course, in Mr. Brosnan's car, there will be no ejector seats, no missile launchers and no machine guns," the spokesman said. And it won't shake his cocktails for him either.

Now we can all get a belly as round and firm as Tony Soprano's. HBO has announced plans to release a series-inspired cookbook, "The Sopranos Family Cookbook: As Compiled by Artie Bucco," as well as a line of gourmet Italian foods -- pastas and pasta sauces, salad dressings, frozen pizzas -- inspired by the show and marketed under the Bucco brand. Can Bada-Bing Burgers be far behind?

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