Aniston: Sex scene felt "wrong"

A hot night for Jennifer and Brad: Dominoes; Cameron says she'll stay single; will censors chop 007's booty call? Plus: Jennifer Love Hewitt on chest rubbing!

Published August 8, 2002 4:48PM (EDT)

Brad Pitt has nothing to worry about.

Jennifer Aniston says filming her big-screen sex scene -- with Jake Gyllenhaal in "The Good Girl" -- was sheer torture for her.

"He's so young it felt wrong -- like doing it with a child," the actress told the U.K. Sun. "I was shaking."

Aniston would apparently have been happy to trade in the pretend bedroom games with a stranger more than 10 years her junior for a night of board games with her more suitably aged hubby.

"We love games like dominoes, Scrabble -- and charades is a great one," she tells Hello! magazine. "Lately we've been playing charades and we have poker night."

Ah, the glamorous life of A-list celebs.

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She's no Julia

"I'm not the marrying kind. Hollywood marriages are notoriously short term. I don't want to be another statistic."

-- Cameron Diaz on why she's not interested in hopping the broom, on

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Stiff excuse

Antonio Banderas is finally doing a better job scuttling rumors about his wife, Melanie Griffith, and Gabriel Byrne.

Byrne and Griffith's day out the other week was not about sex, he insists, but rather about death.

"Gabriel is an old friend of us both," Banderas told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. "They were going to a funeral for a friend they both knew. After [the service] she called me and said they were going to have dinner together."

'Cause you know how hungry funerals can make you.

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The chest rub was just a bonus

And while we're clearing up rumors, Jennifer Love Hewitt would like you all to know that there's nothing -- not one little thing -- going on between her and Enrique Iglesias.

"Enrique and I have been friends for a really long time. And I didn't do his video because I wanted to kiss him or rub up and down his chest," Hewitt tells the upcoming issue of Jane magazine. "I was just hugely supportive of his dreams."

Besides, she says, "I dont think Enrique would ever go out with me. I'm too big of a dork."

And she doesn't have the best grasp of grammar either.

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Shaken and stirred

"In lovemaking, Bond's PG requirements have traditionally meant you can only show post-coital sex ... But we thought, why couldn't Bond have the best lay of his life?"

-- "Die Another Day" director Lee Tamahori on James Bond's booty call, which he says may not survive the censors, in Vanity Fair.

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The sound of one placenta clapping

Brandy and her brother might need a little lesson in boundaries.

We're all getting to know Brandy more intimately than we ever needed to onaccounta the MTV documentary focusing on her marriage, career, family and journey toward maternity.

And as if that weren't already just a little too much, the singer's brother now wants to bring the sounds of his sister in labor into our very homes.

Ray J. Norwood tells Britain's Radio 1 that he plans to sample the sound of Brandy giving birth to her daughter last month on the new track he's releasing on Atlantic Records.

The heck with the baby -- it's enough to make the rest of us cry.

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