J.Lo for first lady?

No way: Ben says he has "too many skeletons" in the closet; Heather Graham: British blokes "aggressive enough"; Plus: Snoop Dogg to host "Girls Gone Wild" boobathon!

Published August 22, 2002 4:47PM (EDT)

Something you don't have to worry about: first lady J.Lo.

Lopez's beau, Ben Affleck, has apparently backed away from those hints about running for public office he made a couple years back.

"I have too many skeletons accrued already to survive that grueling invasive process," Affleck told the London Express.

Oh, now, Ben, a little drink problem never hurt anyone's chances ...

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She said, she said

Cat fight between Heather Graham and Gwyneth Paltrow?

At the London premiere of her new film, "The Guru," a Bollywood-inspired flick that again casts her into the role of porn star, Graham told the British press that she thinks Paltrow is wrong, wrong, wrong when it comes to English blokes being dating wimps.

"I've had a few English boyfriends and they were aggressive enough to ask me out," Graham says.

Then again, one of those boyfriends was '80s musician Adam Ant (real name: Stuart Goddard), whom she dated in the mid-'90s after the two met at an acting class in Los Angeles. Seeing as Goddard got into a serious scuffle at a London pub not too long ago, Graham may be right about meekness not being his problem.

Still, despite Ant's recent troubles, Graham says, "He's a really cool guy and he's very talented."

But, alas, probably not quite right for Gwyneth.

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Only it's so much worse ...

"I feel like I am doing a wedding or a bar mitzvah."

-- Sheryl Crow during a musical appearance on "Big Brother 3," in an episode airing this week.

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What a bunch of boobs

It seems like only yesterday -- though it was actually a week or so ago -- that "Girls Gone Wild" producer Joe Francis announced that Eminem had been tapped to host his own installment of the mammary-centric video series, beating out Mark McGrath and Tommy Lee for the super-sophomoric gig.

"Who cares about Tommy Lee?" Francis snarked to the New York Post at the time. "We only want the best of the best. That's why we got Eminem."

Well, turns out Marshall Mathers isn't the only rap star Francis has enlisted to wander around and ask women to lift their tops.

Snoop Dogg taped "Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style" during Mardi Gras this year. The resulting video and DVD will be released Sept. 3.

Maybe they should call them unwrap stars.

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