Dan Quayle vs. Jennifer Aniston

There he goes again: Ex-V.P. back on the single mommy track; a new babe for Billy Bob? Rachel Roberts, real or surreal? Plus: Heather Graham on her own sexiness!

Published August 26, 2002 4:05PM (EDT)

Look out, Rachel. Mr. Potatoehead's making nasty faces at you.

The conservative Parents Television Council has declared "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to be the "worst" show on TV because of its "graphic ... depictions of violence and sex." But erstwhile "Murphy Brown" critic and former Vice President Dan Quayle has a bigger bone to pick with "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston than with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

It's that out-of-wedlock baby thing again.

"I don't think that should be portrayed on television as a good thing," Quayle told Travel and Leisure Golf magazine, referring to Rachel's fatherless bambino. "It's tough on the mother and it's tough on the child -- the chance of that child ending up in poverty is quite high."

Even if Aniston does pull in $1 million per episode.

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A woman of simple tastes

"I don't care for jewels. I love flowers. I like a fur coat here and there."

-- Ivana Trump on being a low-maintenance gal, in the London Times.

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Amulets away

Has Billy Bob Thornton picked up the pieces and moved on?

According to the World Entertainment News Network, Angelina Jolie's estranged husband is seeing a 23-year-old actress we've never heard of before.

He's also said to have covered over the "Angelina" tattoo on his bicep with a new design.

Angst Forever?

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Actually, we wonder that all the time

"I think it will only help my career, all this mystery. How often when someone's just starting out do you get, 'Is she real or is she fake?"'

-- Model and aspiring actress Rachel Roberts on making her debut as a computer-simulated character alongside Al Pacino in "Simone," to the Associated Press.

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Life rolls on

Is Tina Turner ready to let bygones be bygones with her ex-husband Ike?

Ike, now 70 and apparently sizing up his past, sure hopes so. He says he's even written a letter of apology to her to try to see if she'll forgive and forget after all these years.

"I just sent Tina a letter about three weeks ago. I made an apology to her, about what I put her and my kids through, as far as me being with other women and stuff like that," Turner tells Canada's Edmonton Sun newspaper. "I just told her I hope she can look beyond that. She knows what I really am. I asked her for forgiveness."

What's bad blood got to do with it?

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Humility, thy name is Heather

"I am still shy and unsure of myself. I don't feel that I'm any sexier than the next woman."

-- Heather Graham, doing her best to make us all feel better, to German reporters.

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