Mystery of Jacko's third child deepens

Debbie Rowe says: The kid is not my son; Dolly Parton gets a few things off her chest. Plus: Gwyneth gets a frickin' $23,000 cellphone!

By Amy Reiter
Published August 29, 2002 4:46PM (EDT)

Shades of Billie Jean ...

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe says the kid is not her son. Rowe has flatly denied rumors that she is the mother of Jackson's new baby, Prince Michael II.

"I wouldn't do it -- not for $100 million," Rowe said recently, according to

But maybe she'd do it for $15 million? Rowe -- who delivered two children, Prince Michael (I) and Paris, during her two-year marriage to the peculiar pop star -- has admitted that she snagged a cool $30 million, which works out to $15 mill per kid, in her divorce settlement with Jackson.

Why, that's almost enough to build her own Neverland ...

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Don't knock the knockers

"The tits and the hair and the personality helped build the whole Dolly deal, but it was my music that brought me out of the Smokies."

-- Dolly Parton on the true secret to her success, in the upcoming issue of Us Weekly.

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Fancy dialer

Calling Gwyneth Paltrow ... That's a mighty spendy cellphone you're carrying these days.

According to the Web site, the actress has forked over $23,000 for a superfancy Nokia Vertu cellphone, a handmade model with either a stainless steel, white or yellow gold or platinum front.

The phone is not yet available to the general public, but a spokeswoman for Nokia proudly declares, "Gwyneth Paltrow is our first customer."

Other phone-y features: a crystal-encrusted face, leather side panels and a ceramic-enhanced back.

Sure hope Gwynnie doesn't drop it.

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Black gold

Jed, move away from there!

They're bringing back "The Beverly Hillbillies." Well, sort of.

Variety reports that CBS plans to launch the Beverly Hillbillies, reality-style. The network is looking for a lower-middle-class family from a rural area to transport to Beverly Hills and live in the lap of luxury for one year -- with movie stars, swimming pools, the whole deal. Cameras will follow them every wacky step of the way, natch.

Anna Nicole, what hath you wrought?

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