Dylan Thomas: The Caedmon Collection, Part 8

The Welsh poet reads from the works of Shakespeare and from Milton's "Paradise Lost."

By Salon Staff

Published September 3, 2002 9:18PM (EDT)

In celebration of 50 years of spoken-word publishing, Caedmon released "Dylan Thomas: The Caedmon Collection," available as audiocassettes and a beautifully designed 11-CD set.

Salon Premium subscribers can download all 11 CDs in MP3 format over the coming weeks. The 8th installment in this collection features Dylan Thomas reading from the works of Shakespeare, from John Milton's "Paradise Lost" and more.

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Complete downloads [65 MB]

You can download all tracks from the CD by selecting one of the archived files below. The archive includes a master playlist (.m3u), and a directory containing the individual MP3 files.

Macintosh & Windows users can download the entire CD as a ZIP archive here: CD8.zip

Linux users can download the entire CD as a tar.gz archive here: CD8.tar.gz

If you would like to download the poems and stories individually (recommended for subscribers with dial-up connections) please use the links below.

The CD contains the following tracks.

01. Introduction by Billy Collins
02. From "King Lear": Act I, Scene 4 by William Shakespeare
03. From "King Lear": Act II, Scene 4 by William Shakespeare
04. From "King Lear": Act III, Scene 3 by William Shakespeare
05. From "King Lear": Act IV, Scene 7 by William Shakespeare
06. From "The Duchess of Malfi": Act IV, Scene 2 by John Webster
07. From "Paradise Lost": Book I, 11.242-270 by John Milton
08. From "Paradise Lost": Book I, 11.315-330 by John Milton
09. From "Paradise Lost": Book I, 11.622-663 by John Milton
10. From "Paradise Lost": Book II, 11.430-466 by John Milton
11. From "Paradise Lost": Book II, 11.681-687 by John Milton
12. From "Paradise Lost": Book II, 11.817-844 by John Milton
13. From "Paradise Lost": Book II, 11.968-987 by John Milton
14. From "Comus": 11.331-342 by John Milton
15. From "Comus": 11.366-385 by John Milton
16. From "Comus": 11.407-475 by John Milton
17. From "Comus": 11.586-608 by John Milton
18. From "Dr. Faustus" by Christopher Marlowe

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