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Readers respond to a tribute to Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell and an interview with musician Steve Earle.

By Salon Staff

Published September 3, 2002 8:00AM (EDT)

[Read "Baseball Greetings, Ernie Harwell," by King Kaufman.]

Thank you for this wonderful article. I am a lifelong Detroiter and I know I speak for my entire city when I say that the sound of Ernie's voice defines our lives. All I have to do is listen to him for a minute and I am in the backseat of my dad's car, the July sun beating hot through the window, and Ernie's voice over the din of the Tiger Stadium crowd coming out of the rear speaker. Thanks, Ernie, and thanks to King Kaufman for the well-deserved tribute.

-- Cynthia Brody

What a delicious long read and a fitting tribute. Thank you, Mr. Kaufman!

-- Laurel Williams

[Read "A Cool Cowpoke Gets Political," by Mark J. Miller.]

Thank you for the fine piece on Steve Earle. I had the pleasure of meeting Earle a couple of years ago when he played for the UAW on Labor Day in Detroit. I say "pleasure," although it was tinged with no small amount of fear. Earle is the most intense person I have ever met. Quite honestly he scared the pee out of me (and I don't scare easy). He had driven a long distance for a short gig and had strained patience for a novice stage helper. But when my husband and his friend started asking good questions, he brightened and started to talk -- a conversation my husband cherishes to this day. Funny, very funny, and political and honest. Then he walked outside and nailed a perfect vignette of a set. He endured the indignity of a UAW baseball hat and happily joined hands with thrilled fans to sing Solidarity Forever.

-- Barbara Ingalls

Best interview I've ever read on Steve Earle -- congrats!

-- Pete Covitz

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