It's not a stripper's pole, really!

Angelina Jolie loves firemen's poles; Brad Pitt oppresses the masses; Aerosmith goes Amish; Brittany Murphy's devilish toddler days. Plus: P. Diddy, model citizen?

By Amy Reiter

Published September 12, 2002 4:06PM (EDT)

While the rest of us were honoring fallen firemen (and policemen and workaday folks) with a moment of silence this week, Angelina Jolie was apparently taking her firefighter tribute to the next level: She's having a fireman's pole installed in her bedroom.

"I want to slide down a fireman's pole from my bedroom. So it's being put in!" the actress tells Marie Claire magazine.

Sliding down a fire pole, it turns out, is one of the top 10 things Jolie wants to do before she dies.

"Nothing is as sexy as the fire pole will be," she says, though she has no concrete plans for the shiny metal contraption. "I'm sure I'll experiment with it. The bedroom is directly above the kitchen, so if I had a pole ... I just like the idea of going from one room to the other that way."

Stairs are so five minutes ago.

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So is Dick a brad?

"Send the word ... Brad is a dick."

-- Crew members from the film "The Fountain" on Brad Pitt, who deprived them of gainful employment when he backed out of his agreement to make the film two weeks ago, in an open letter to Ain't It Cool News.

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Guess who's got a thing for the Amish: Steven Tyler.

The Aerosmith front man tells the upcoming issue of Details magazine that he's psyched to appear in Danny Provenzano's film, "Sinking Springs." The film, which is about to go into production and focuses on the seamy underworld of Amish drug trafficking, will feature Tyler in a buggy-riding role.

"I'm there. I'm there," Tyler says. "I love the Amish. They've got it all together."

Dude looks like a lady ... with a beard?

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Worse than a boy named Sue

File this one under "What were they thinking?"

George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth, have named their brand-new baby daughter, born Monday, Elliott Anastasia.

Let's hope they call her Ellie for short.

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Maybe that's why he's a bad tipper ...

"I hate rich people who complain about being rich. They are insane. I pay, like, 50 percent taxes and I am very proud of that."

-- Sean "Puffy/P. Diddy" Combs on the joy of paying Uncle Sam, in the New Yorker.

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Move over, Linda Blair

She may be cute now, but when Brittany Murphy, who stars opposite Eminem in "8 Mile," was 6 months old, she went through a decidedly uncute phase.

"I suddenly stopped making baby noises and started talking in isolated adult sentences in this deep bass voice, saying things like 'Where is my food now?'" the actress tells celebrity researcher Baird Jones. "For years I had a lower voice than I do now. My family was so embarrassed, they were begging me to shut up when the neighbors were around and to speak higher so it did not sound so demonically possessed. I was like some alien being."

But Murphy thinks talent -- not demonic possession -- is to blame.

"I must have been imitating my father because then it stopped, and by age 3 I spoke like every normal 3-year-old girl," she says. "That low voice never came back, thank God, and I couldn't even fake it later when I tried. But from that point on my family knew acting was in my blood."

How she explains the projectile green vomit is a matter for another day, I suppose.

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