Pain in the butt!

Kelly Preston on sticking things in the heinie; Russian rocket roulette for Lance Bass; Mel Gibson: Maybe I'm a genius -- not. Plus: Nolte checks himself in.

By Amy Reiter

Published September 24, 2002 4:00PM (EDT)

I sure hope John Travolta and Kelly Preston have it a little easier with their daughter, Ella Bleu, than Preston's folks had it with her when she was a kid.

Preston has seen fit to share some rather alarming details from her childhood with the makers of the documentary special "When I Was a Girl," airing on WE: Women's Entertainment this past Sunday and next.

For instance, Preston says, she and her friends were big into playing spin the bottle, "where you go in the closet and you make out, so much fun."

But it was playing doctor for which she had a particular soft spot.

"You learn a lot playing doctor," Preston says. "I got caught playing doctor in my grandma's garage, but you know, it was very minor, just like sticking things in the heinie. My mom came out and she was like "Oh, OK, so let's go do something else. Let's redirect.'"

As she grew up, she says, she kept the urge to explore.

"I did it all. When I was young, I had a fake I.D. so my girlfriends and I would sneak out and go dancing," she recalls. "Each house that we moved to, it was like, hmmm, the bedroom by the kitchen is my bedroom because it's closest to the back door."

And by now we all know how she feels about back doors.

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Aniston for Prez?

"['Friends' exec producer] David Crane said it best: It's the icing on the top of a very ... cake, er, big ... It's cake and it's a good cake. It's a delicious cake, and now we're going to eat it. And now there's icing on top."

-- Jennifer Aniston showing a Bushesque way with a sound bite in response to questions from TV Guide Online about winning the Emmy for best lead actress.

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He's baaack

Once Lance Bass gets an idea 'N his head, he apparently has a very hard time letting it go.

The 'N Sync-er, who was recently denied the chance to zip into space on a Russian Soyuz rocket, is reportedly back in Moscow to resume his participation in the space training program.

"He will not go in October for sure, but he just doesn't want to interrupt the program," Yuri Nikiforov, general director of Atlas Airspace, told the Associated Press this week.

Nikiforov did not say why Russian space officials had allowed Bass back after insisting he leave just a few weeks ago, once it became clear that he couldn't cough up the $20 million fee for his space flight.

Maybe they just missed him.

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Mad moviemaker

"No one wants to touch something in two dead languages. They think I'm insane. Maybe I am or maybe I'm a genius."

-- Mel Gibson on his plans to star in and produce a film about the last 12 hours of Jesus' life in which the actors speak only Latin and Aramaic ... without subtitles.

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Juicy bits

Nick Nolte's getting some help with his affliction. The actor, who was recently arrested for driving under the influence after cops found him weaving along a Malibu highway drooling and looking disheveled, has checked himself into rehab at Connecticut's Silver Hill Hospital -- the same place that Billy Joel recently spent a few weeks. Nolte "will be there as long as he feels is necessary," the actor's publicist told the press. He checked in a few days after his arrest, which presumably gave him time to wash his hair and change out of that horrible Hawaiian shirt.

Out of the hospital: Angelina Jolie's newly adopted son, Maddox. Jolie apparently felt compelled to rush the 13-month-old boy to the emergency room in Liverpool last week, 90 miles from the North Wales town where she is filming the sequel to "Tomb Raider." Maddox was kept in the hospital for three days and then released, having recovered from a mysterious "minor injury." Poor little feller.

Pretty soon, we won't have new Stephen King books to kick around anymore. The author has confirmed that he's fixing to write just a few more books and then bow out of the author biz once and for all. After having published "damn near 50 books now," he tells Entertainment Weekly, "I've killed enough of the world's trees." Scary how sane he sounds, isn't it?

Oh, and one last thing. Yesterday, I said with some conviction that Jake Gyllenhaal's name was pronounced "Gill-en-hall." But it turns out it's "Jill-en-hall." That G is softer than my head, but apparently not by much.

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