Grudge matches galore!

Courtney vs. Dave, Hasselhoff vs. the minibar, Calista fact vs. fiction.

By Amy Reiter

Published October 1, 2002 4:30PM (EDT)

Now that Courtney Love has formally settled her legal dispute with Universal Music Group, cleared the way for the release of a Nirvana greatest-hits LP, a boxed set and an album of rare material, and worked out "a long-term plan that will protect my family's legacy" with her late husband's former band mates, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, it can be said: She and Grohl don't hate each other that much.

They still manage to have a few laughs from time to time. Or so Grohl says.

"As much as Courtney and I dislike each other, the few times that we've bumped into each other in person, we've kind of laughed at how ridiculous it all is," Grohl tells the upcoming issue of Spin magazine.

"The last time we saw each other was at the Reading Festival a couple of years ago, from the side of the stage," Grohl recalls. "We glared at each other, and I just laughed. I thought, 'This is so stupid.'"

In other words, he's not foo' enough to fight her.

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Mother knows best?

"Calista [Flockhart] will make my son a great wife."

-- Harrison Ford's mom, Dorothy, on the woman to whom her son insists he is not engaged, in the London News of the World.

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Major minibar mojo

Lesson of the day: Just because they love you in Germany doesn't mean you necessarily know how to love yourself. David Hasselhoff learned that one the hard way.

The former "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider" star says that his infamous rendezvous with a minibar a few months back, which rendered him unconscious and flat on his back in the emergency room, was "rock bottom" for him.

It was enough to send him back to the Betty Ford Clinic, from whence he had come, to really duke it out with his addictions.

"I've got to end up in the hospital before I go, 'I can't handle this'. I was spinning out of control," Hasselhoff tells TV Guide magazine. "Some people can have a few drinks and others cannot."

Not surprisingly, Hasselhoff reveals, that little episode was hardly his first go-around with hotel beverages.

"I once thought about writing a book called 'The Minibar and Me,'" he shares. "[I'd be] social drinking, having fun -- and damn, I'd just have a blackout."

Could that explain the "Baywatch" years?

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Juicy bits

The latest skinny on Kate Moss? She's a mom. On Sunday, the superslender supermodel made her way to a London hospital with boyfriend Jefferson Hack and best friend Sadie Frost, and popped out a 6 1/2-pound baby daughter. According to the London Daily Mirror, Moss and Hack are said to be "deliriously happy" about their new baby, whom they have decided to call Lola. I'm sure she was worth the waif.

And speaking of babies, Billy Bob Thornton may be taking a sudden interest in Angelina Jolie's adopted son, Maddox. reports that, though Thornton and Jolie have not been in contact since their split a few months back, he has just sent a toy car to the little feller. We'll know he's really trying to connect when he sends him a vial of his own blood.

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