Pam & Tommy split custody; Anna Nicole recalls (vaguely) her dream date; and does Pretty Woman have a Pretty Baby in the oven?

By Amy Reiter

Published October 4, 2002 4:21PM (EDT)

It looks like, for all their feuding, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are going to have to learn to share and share alike.

After months of saying bad things about each other in the press -- presumably in hopes of swaying the judge in their heated custody battle in their favor -- the feudin' former couple has settled their differences out of court. The victor? Looks a lot like Lee.

But then that's according to Lee's spokesperson, who told Launch.com that the pair has agreed to share equal joint custody of their kids, Brandon, 6, and Dylan, 4.

The arrangement sounds a lot like what Lee was going for, and not at all what Anderson, who was hoping for sole custody, had in mind. Lee, Anderson told the court in a petition filed last year, is a "very angry, unstable man who presents a danger to others, particularly when he is using alcohol."

Lee, on the other hand, insisted he'd been clean and sober for two years and a model citizen. All he wanted, he said, was to join in the raising of his two little boys.

"Tommy is obviously thrilled with the outcome," Lee's spokesperson told Launch.com.

And the rest of us are just thrilled it's over.

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Making a splash with the ladies

"He was a very nice gentleman. He worked for a company or he owned the company I'm not sure which. He brought me a bunch of the products over; they were swimsuits. Apparently he somehow got my size beforehand because they all fit."

-- Anna Nicole Smith on a recent first date, which apparently went swimmingly, with a fellow she met through a dating service, to the BBC.

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Et tu, Julia?

Given the current celebrity baby boom, it may seem as if Julia Roberts is the only actress yet who's not knocked up. But guess what? There's a rumor circulating that Roberts may be a pretty pregnant woman, too. Or at least have that certain glimmer in her eye.

Word is that the cameramen and crew on her new film, "Mona Lisa Smile," have been discussing how best to shoot Roberts so as to minimize any potential expansion in her midsection. And one of those cameramen is said to be Mr. Julia himself, Danny Moder.

"We've talked about how her wardrobe could be changed and what angles could be used," Moder told Us Weekly.

I'm no expert, but I'd say avoiding side shots might be a good idea.

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How do you say "ka-ching!" in German?

And if Julia is preggers, will she take a page from Claudia Schiffer and regard the bun as money in the bank?

Schiffer is rumored to be considering pimping out pics of her baby to the British press once the little bambino sees fit to make an appearance.

Schiffer, you may recall, collected something like $750,000 from Hello! magazine a few months back for the rights to publish the photos of her wedding to Matthew Vaughn.

According to Peoplenews.com, it may be Schiffer's hedge against the potentially career-damaging effects of postpartum expansion.

"Once she's had a nipper she'll not want to do any more modeling," a source tells the site. "She wants to go out in style."

Oh, now, what are a few stretch marks and spider veins between friends?

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