J.Lo says no bun

Affleck and Lopez deny rumors of pregnancy; Kidman and Crowe seem poised for love; Zellweger shuns pizza for life.

By Amy Reiter

Published October 9, 2002 4:59PM (EDT)

Looks like we've got a little he-said, she-said action on the Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck front.

Lopez has been doing her best to quell the rumor that she and Affleck have gotten themselves in a family way. Not only is it not true, she says, but it really upsets her mother.

"The first time it happened was the one that was most devastating to her," she says of the effect of the baby talk on her poor mama. "Now I'm like, 'Mom, I promise, if I'm pregnant, I will call you first.'"

But if Lopez, 32, really wants the rumors to stop, she might want to tell Affleck to can it with the family-fantasy talk.

Affleck just blabbed to Britain's Sunday Express magazine that he's really getting into the idea of settling down and multiplying.

"I think if you're 30 and not thinking about marriage and kids," the 30-year-old actor says, "you're immature."

Hint, hint, J.Lo?

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Two reasons why acting's better than modeling

"They said, 'Would you please lift your shirt?' and then they said, 'Her tits aren't big enough.' I was pulverized."

-- Robin Wright Penn on the audition that inspired her to leave the brutal modeling industry for acting, in the Toronto Sun.

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Aussie love?

Speaking of rumors that refuse to die ...

All that old talk about Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman being involved in a romantic way is starting up again.

According to the London Daily Star, Crowe and Kidman spent a little time together in Los Angeles recently and then Crowe hightailed it down to a remote village in Romania to hang out with Kidman while she filmed "Cold Mountain."

They reportedly holed up in the servant-filled mansion Kidman's been bunking in.

And if the servants aren't talking, someone on the shoot sure is.

"It was pretty clear to everyone that Russ's only interest on the set was Nicole," an on-set source told the paper. "He watched intently as she filmed her scenes. In between shots, she'd run over and he'd whisper in her ear."

A between-shot ear whisper? Why, next thing you know, Crowe and Kidman will be fending off J.Lo-size baby rumors ...

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Why acting's not so different from modeling after all

"There's a lot of push-up bras going on on our show. People will tune in for the great lingerie. It's quite a sight. I know I would!"

-- Jessica Collins on her revealing role in "The Ranch," a Showtime movie about a brothel, to TV Guide Online.

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Not worth the weight

And while we're discussing potential big bellies, Renée Zellweger is apparently off the hook. She won't have to pack on the poundage for the upcoming Bridget Jones sequel, "The Edge of Reason."

"This time the script doesn't require her to bulk up all that much," the flick's screenwriter, Andrew Davies, tells WENN. "The plot involves her doing time in a Thai jail, which means she actually has to lose weight."

Not that Zellweger gave the filmmakers much choice. She swears that she'll never pig out on pizza and pinch an inch for a film role again.

"I don't want to go through that experience again," Zelwegger has said.

Even if it makes her a bigger person?

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