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Rhea loves her cleavage; Jennifer Aniston: I'm an idiot; Snoop Dogg disses doobs. Plus: Dad sues Whitney.

By Amy Reiter

Published October 10, 2002 4:55PM (EDT)

What's this? A mild resurgence of that most pernicious celebrity disease, mammarius self-approbitis?

Alas, it would seem so.

Caroline Rhea has cast herself as a champion of big busts and large booties, particularly her own.

"My boobs and my butt are a set," she crows in the upcoming issue of Glamour, "and they make me feel womanly. I like my cleavage."

Blame Rhea's affliction on the Tinseltown suits.

"During my six years in Hollywood, I've always, always had people telling me to lose weight," she says. "And I've always wanted to say to those network executives, OK, grow back your hair, Baldy!"

Funny, but who to point the finger at for Rhea's deep admiration for her waist? "I love my little waist," she tells the magazine, "and I always accentuate it."

I hope this isn't a new symptom.

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More sheepish self-love

"I found my physique a bit unnerving at first. But I liked it."

-- Ralph Fiennes on beefing up for his role in "Red Dragon," in the London Express.

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Fine line between love and hate

One actress who's not so fond of herself these days is Jennifer Aniston. In fact, even as the world has been showering her with accolades, she's been reduced to calling herself names.

The "Friends" star is pretty peeved at herself for her wobbly acceptance speech on Monday after she won the Hollywood Film Award for actress of the year. She wept, she babbled, she forgot to thank her castmates.

"I understand the whole crying thing now," she told WENN. "I forgot the cast. I'm just terrified. I have stage fright unless I have something written for me to say. I couldn't speak. I'm a blithering idiot."

Now, now, Gwyneth survived it.

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Constipated character

"I pick my nose and spit. If I did this on 'Dawson's Creek,' they'd never use it! Never. Dawson doesn't poop. Anatomically, Dawson is a Ken doll."

-- James Van Der Beek ripping on his own squeaky-clean character, on TV Guide Online.

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Juicy bits

Has Snoop Dogg cleaned up his act for Miss Piggy? The rapper, who was recently dropped from " A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie" for "production reasons," has begun to speak out against the evils of toking up. The man famous for tours including "Up in Smoke" and "Puff, Puff, Pass" tells "Access Hollywood" he decided to start passing up the pot because he "didn't need it anymore." Every toke you take "takes a minute off your life that you could have been here doing something special," he tells the show. I feel a Muppet song coming on ...

Speaking of harsh tokes, life just does not get any easier for Whitney Houston. Now the singer is being sued by her own father to the tune of $100 million. According to MTV News, Houston's father's talent-management company has alleged that the diva has failed to cough up the dough for services rendered. "I am 100 percent behind the lawsuit against my daughter Whitney and am ashamed at my daughter's staff ... because they want to weasel out of paying my company," Houston's pops, John, told the press through a spokesman. "I will not rest until this is over, and I plan to see it through to the end." And you thought your father could be a pain in the booty.

Whatever David wants, David gets. The Associated Press reports that officials in Indianapolis have agreed to name a street after David Letterman after he asked to be honored with his own road. According to the city's deputy mayor, the newly dubbed David Drive will run perpendicular to the city's existing Letterman Road. Where the two streets meet, the "Drive" and "Road" parts of the signs will be itty-bitty, so Letterman's name stands out. His mom will be so proud.

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