Salon's Eric Boehlert wins music journalism award

By Salon Staff

Published October 17, 2002 11:27PM (EDT)

Salon senior writer Eric Boehlert has been honored with the Deems Taylor Award for music journalism by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. The citation is for a series of articles last year that detailed a complex new form of payola in the radio industry.

The ASCAP-Deems Taylor awards are given annually to journalists whose books and articles on the subject of music are selected for their excellence. The 35th annual awards, established to honor the memory of composer/critic/commentator Deems Taylor, will be presented at a Dec. 4 ceremony at Lincoln Center in New York.

Earlier this year, Boehlert's series was selected as a finalist in the prestigious Gerald Loeb Business Journalism Awards.

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