Married to the bod

Date set for Pam Anderson and Kid Rock; sex, sighs and Bob Crane's videotapes; sexy Zadie and Eminem. Plus: Santana's seminal spirituality.

By Amy Reiter

Published October 17, 2002 4:03PM (EDT)

Is Pamela Anderson fixing to squeeze herself into a white dress and stroll down the aisle sometime next month? Hank Williams Jr. sure seems to think so.

Over the weekend, Williams announced to a concert audience in Dallas that Anderson and his buddy Kid Rock are yet again sidling up to the hitching post -- and have even picked the time and place: sometime in November at Las Vegas' MGM Grand.

According to the Associated Press, that jibes with Kid Rock's schedule, which has him performing with Aerosmith in that very venue on Nov. 9.

"I'm gonna be there," Williams crowed.

And now the paparazzi will, too.

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Porn yesterday

"A little goes a long way. Quite frankly, I didn't need to see that much. There was a very disturbing sense of emptiness."

-- Greg Kinnear on actor Bob Crane's homemade sex videos, which he checked out to play the late "Hogan's Heroes" star in the story of his strange life and stranger death, to the Associated Press.

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When Marshall met Zadie

If you thought those rumors pairing Eminem with Kim Basinger were strange, check this: Eminem and Zadie Smith. Only they're just friends.

According to the London Daily Telegraph, the controversial rapper and the renowned novelist met up in Los Angeles recently when Smith was sent to interview him for Vibe magazine. And it was mutual admiration at first sight.

"He was sweet, lovely and shy," Smith told the paper. "But even if he wasn't, so what? Salvador Dali was an asshole. So was John Milton. Eminem's life and opinions are not his art. His art is his art. Sometimes people with bad problems make good art."

Eminem, meanwhile, told Smith how much he dug her first novel, "White Teeth."

Just a coupla No. 1 fans ...

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They're just jealous

"It's pure physical envy -- that we shouldn't be here, 'How dare they defy logic?' People want to pull the rug out from under you because they're bald and fat and can't move for s--t."

-- Keith Richards on what a drag it is getting old ... for other people but not for the Rolling Stones, in Rolling Stone magazine.

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O my ...

Speaking of things purely physical, Carlos Santana is holding forth to the masses on how sexiness is next to godliness.

"Two things will never go out of style: spirituality and sex," Santana tells USA Today. "They're the same thing."

It's all about the rapture.

"At the moment of supreme orgasm, even the atheist says, 'Oh, my God,'" he explains. "In the fullness of the moment, you don't know if you're Irish or Mexican, black or white, rich or poor. You're in this Niagara Falls of release."

Break out the blue raincoats.

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