The economics of spirituality

By Brother Void

Published October 18, 2002 6:33PM (EDT)

"The meek shall inherit the Earth but not the mineral rights."
-- John Paul Getty

Though we are different by birth, background and life experience, we are all creatures of the same spirit. Although some of us are young and some old, some white and some black, some rich and some poor, some very rich and some very poor, some extremely rich and some extremely poor, some disgustingly filthy rich beyond human reason and some appallingly miserably poor beyond human comprehension -- we are all children of the Universe. Whether we receive our livelihood through a begging bowl, paycheck or trust fund, we're told that there's a channel connecting each of us to the source of creation. We're told that when our channel is open, money will flow into our life; and when our channel is blocked, the money will stop flowing. We soon notice, however, that no matter how blocked some people's channels get, money still flows through their trust fund.

When my channel is blocked, will money still flow through my trust fund?

Reprinted with permission from "Daily Afflictions" by Andrew Boyd, published by W.W. Norton. To order a copy, click here

Brother Void

Brother Void is the alter ego of Andrew Boyd. More information about Brother Void and his book, "Daily Afflictions," can be found at his Web site.

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