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Snowden: I'll strip for a mil; freakin' on Charlize; gems from Liza's love. Plus: Dizzy over Ozzy.

By Amy Reiter

Published October 18, 2002 4:14PM (EDT)

George Clooney's British ex-girlfriend Lisa Snowden is trying to make a name for herself in the U.S. -- taking a job as host of VH1's new "Trading Spaces"-esque show, "Rock the House" -- but there are certain things she won't do for fame or glory.

For money, on the other hand ...

Snowden says she'd be willing to doff her duds for Playboy only if the magazine agrees to pay her a million bucks. And so far, the magazine's only been willing to cough up a couple of hundred grand for photos of her in her birthday suit.

"It's not exactly my dream job," Snowden says of taking it off for the bunny-loving men's magazine, in an interview in the upcoming issue of Details, "but I would do it."

If the price was right.

"They offered twice," she says, "but the money was total crap" -- about $230,000.

Geez, wonder how much she charged Clooney ...

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You mean she's not?

"If you say [to a reporter], 'Hey, I went on a motorcycle ride the other day,' all of a sudden you become this Harley-driving, leather-jacket-wearing freak who swears and drinks vodka all the time."

-- Charlize Theron on harmless biking and the evils of the press, in Biography magazine.

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Not to mention a reality TV show

And they said it wouldn't last ...

David Gest has reportedly celebrated his seven-month wedding anniversary with Liza Minnelli by giving his bride a host of lavish gifts.

According to Peoplenews.com, Gest gave Liza two pairs of designer earrings, a $100,000 aquamarine and diamond necklace, and a ruby cross.

That last one could come in handy to ward him off at night.

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Boob-tube therapy

"I watched TV for two years. I really did."

-- Macaulay Culkin on his "Home Alone"-induced reclusion, in the London Daily Star.

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Ozzy, Shazzer and you?

File this one under "No accounting for taste."

A recent survey of women conducted by the Integer Group has found that the celebrity-related prize that would be most likely to motivate respondents to enter a promotional contest is ... one week living with the Osbournes.

Second prize is two weeks living with the Osbournes.

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