Pot, Porsches, and Madonna's pet put-down

Timberlake puffs blunts, loses his grammar; Nicole Kidman stops dating and regains her virginity

By Amy Reiter

Published October 29, 2002 1:22PM (EST)

Justin Timberlake, pothead?

The next time you see Britney Spears' ex dragging on a stogie, ask him what's inside. Timberlake has admitted to an affinity for blunts, aka marijuana-filled cigars.

He credits rapper Nelly with introducing him to the potent combo.

"Nelly loves cigars, but he don't smoke cigars, he smokes blunts. You know what I mean? He smokes blunts," Timberlake told FHM magazine.

And Timberlake found himself unable to resist the occasional toke himself.

"Well, yeah. Why not?" he said. "I can't do that when I'm singing, but after I'm done ..."

Judging from the blunt effect on his ability to speak, Timberlake could be done before he knows it.

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Bond, stalled Bond

"I got a Porsche convertible on loan recently and stopped to buy chewing gum at a newsstand. I've just said hello to some tourists who think I'm Bond and I'm trying to be cool and start the bloody car, and I stall it."

-- Pierce Brosnan on how he much less smooth he is than the character he plays in the movies, to the London Mail.

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Twice burned, thrice ... why not?

Don't count Jennifer Lopez out of the wedding thing just because she's blown through her last two marriages faster than some people go through Kleenex. As far as she's concerned, those two aborted attempts at matrimony simply don't count.

"I've been married twice and I've tried to make it work but I feel I haven't had a real marriage yet," Lopez tells the U.K. Sun. "It hasn't put me off -- I hope to have a great marriage one day. I wouldn't say I'm not very good at marriage -- I just don't know yet."

As for whether that real marriage will be with Ben Affleck, as rumored, she will say only, "It could be with Ben. It might not be. I don't know."

Never mind the 25-carat pink diamond she's been sporting on a certain finger.

"Everyone wants to know about this ring," she says. "Put it this way, we are very happy right now. Ben's really bright, a great guy, really wonderful."

But does he know the difference between a real or a fake marriage? Does he want to find out?

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Another born-again virgin

"I'm not dating anyone ... right now I am virginal!"

-- Nicole Kidman on her new purity, to the World Entertainment News Network.

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Juicy bits

A surefire way to Madonna's heart? Tell her she has a humongous caboose.

It worked for the perpetual pop star's best friend, Stella McCartney.

The first time Madonna came by McCartney's pad for a fitting "was a nightmare," the musically pedigreed designer tells the London Sunday Mirror. "When she tried my clothes on, I told her she had a fat arse." How did Madonna take it? "She laughed -- and bought some [clothes]."

Well, you know what they say: big ass, warm heart.

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