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Justin explains oral sex crack about Britney; Howard Stern: Pork it over!

By Amy Reiter
Published November 4, 2002 7:57PM (UTC)
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Dear Britney.

Justin Timberlake would like to publicly explain why he 'fessed up to having oral sex with you on a New York radio station a few weeks back.

"I'd like to clear that up," Timberlake told the New York Post.

"That was a situation where I didn't want to seem like an ass on the radio, so I played along with Star [the interviewer]," he says. "I didn't take it that seriously, and I made a joke on air."


But now he's sorry about the whole thing.

"I'm glad to make any public apology that needs to be made," he declares. "I never would disrespect somebody -- especially somebody I was with for four years."

In other words, he's ready to eat his words, too.


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He's the tiger, too

"It really was all mine, but a lot of it I just combed over from my back."

-- Matt Lauer on the thick thatch of chest hair he revealed when he and Al Roker dressed up as Siegfried & Roy for Halloween, on the "Today" show.


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King of jiggling media

What kind of person would want to remake a film like "Porky's"? A person like Howard Stern, apparently.

Stern has announced his intention to remake "Porky's" and -- perhaps even more alarmingly, though for different reasons -- "Rock 'n' Roll High School" under the heading "Howard Stern Presents ..."


"I think I represent what National Lampoon once meant to the teen audience," Stern tells Variety.

Quick -- someone get Chevy Chase on the line.

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Not worth a "How you doin'?"

"A little scary. I don't think I was too pretty."

-- Matt LeBlanc on how he thought he looked dressed in drag for "All the Queen's Men," to E! Online.


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