Mixing sex and the city

Babies may overwhelm the hit series; Nicole says she would have given up everything to have Tom's offspring.

By Amy Reiter
Published November 6, 2002 7:34PM (UTC)
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Her marriage to Tom Cruise may be long over, but Nicole Kidman would like everyone to know it was no sham.

It was, she tells the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair, a "real marriage."

"The marriage existed because it was two people in love. It's that simple," she says.

As soon as they met on the set of "Days of Thunder," she recalls, "I was willing to give up everything. He basically swept me off my feet. I fell madly, passionately in love."

And all that stuff about them being each other's beards is just a crock, she insists.

"They've said I'm gay, they've said everyone's gay," Kidman says. "I personally don't believe in doing huge lawsuits about that stuff. Tom does. That's what he wants to do, that's what he's going to do. You do not tell Tom what to do. That's it. Simple. He is a force to be reckoned with."

A force that left her confused, crying and crumpled on the floor when he announced the end of their marriage and still leaves her with one marital regret.

"I was desperate to have a baby with him," she says, alluding to the fetus she miscarried just as she and Cruise were splitting up. "I didn't care if we were married. That's what I wish I'd done. I was willing to give up everything."

Take heed, Penelope Cruz.

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Such a deal!

"Julianne Moore has been my favorite actress since I saw 'Safe,' and I am thrilled to trade my own mother in for her."

-- Augusten Burroughs, in Variety, on the casting of Julianne Moore as the lead in the on-screen adaptation of his novel "Running With Scissors," which chronicles his mother's struggle with bipolar disorder,.

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Osbourne orthodontia

If Sharon Osbourne is becoming uncomfortable about being caught in the unblinking gaze of MTV's cameras, as she contended in an interview with Barbara Walters this week, she might take a little lesson in acceptance from her son, Jack.

Mama Osbourne, currently struggling with cancer and confronting her husband's return to boozing, says she now regrets having let the cameras into her home and even briefly indicated that she and her family would end their series after this season. (She later insisted that they would fulfill their contract to MTV, which requires them to do at least two more seasons, adding, "I love my MTV.")

But Jack is taking a Zen attitude about the whole thing.

"You know when you get braces for the first couple of weeks, they're hell and you're afraid to smile?" he asks TV Guide Online. "But then after a while, you get used to 'em. That's what it's like having cameras following me around. It's like getting braces put on."

Though not quite so corrective.

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Juicy bits

Will "Sex and the City" soon totter into the sunset on its Blahnik heels? Perhaps. In an interview Monday with Fox News Channel, "Sex" costar Cynthia Nixon indicated that, "yeah," next season may be the series' last, though HBO has been cagey on the subject. Of course, what with Nixon being seriously preggers and Sarah Jessica Parker's new mom thing going down, they could always start a spinoff: "The Consequences of Sex in the City."

He may be barely out of royal short pants, but young Prince Harry has been named the "most datable stud" of 2002 by the British mag "Tatler," beating out his older brother, Prince William, who didn't even rank in the top 10 this year. "Harry has suddenly emerged as the young royal who has just come of age and is naughty but nice," Tatler editor Geordie Greig told the London Evening Standard. "By a huge majority, he was voted the most desirable new guy on the block." But hardly as accessible as the boy next door.

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