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End your butchering ways, Moby tells turkey basters; Bobby Brown gives up the goods; a J.Lo by any other name ...

By Amy Reiter
Published November 8, 2002 6:19PM (UTC)
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What's the deal with Moby's turkey obsession?

As you may have heard, the hairless musician has just thrown his weight (such as it is) behind PETA's appeal to discourage people from eating turkeys on Thanksgiving. He's taped a message for the organization encouraging Americans to call Butterball's turkey-cookin' hotline "to let them know that there is no proper way to kill and cook these beautiful birds."

A longtime vegan, Moby is crying foul over the fowl company's claim that it treats its birds in a "humane" way, writing in his Web journal, "How is keeping an animal locked in a cage and then butchering it considered 'humane'?"

"If you wouldn't personally be able to kill something," he continues, "you probably shouldn't be eating it. Unless it's a mime. Sweet, tasty mimes ..."

(Poor mimes! Who will speak up for them?)

But Moby's not about to pick up and leave the turkey-snackin' U.S. for another English-speaking country just yet. Nope. It just wouldn't suit his love life.

"I've spent a healthy amount of time in the U.K. and had almost no romance or sex," he tells the U.K. Sun. "In the U.K. there are so many little bald guys who resemble me that I don't feel special in the slightest."

"I've dated more people in Turkey than here," he adds.

And I'm sure he dated them in a very humane way.

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Sure beats lipo

"I'm very pleased to be hosting the Oscars again, because fear and nausea always make me lose weight."

-- Steve Martin on being tapped to host the Academy Awards again this year.

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Say it loud: He's Brown and he's proud

One thing about Bobby Brown, when he's arrested, he's not really one to cower.

When the former member of New Edition (aka Whitney Houston's hubby) was pulled over for speeding Thursday morning in Atlanta, the cops asked to see his license and proof of insurance.

"I don't have one," Brown said, promptly ID'ing himself. "But I'm Bobby Brown."

On the way to the station, according to the police report published on The Smoking Gun, Brown volunteered to police that he had a bag of marijuana in his pants pocket, whereupon cops added a new charge to his tab, which also included a driving-under-the-influence charge on an outstanding warrant from February 1997 in nearby DeKalb County.

No, I don't suppose he told them about that one, too.

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Even she's sick of it

"I like the fact that fans actually nicknamed me [J.Lo]. But a nickname is not supposed to be your only name ... I miss Jennifer a little bit."

-- Jennifer Lopez on what's in a name, in the upcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar.

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Juicy bits

Heather Mills will not go away. Still in the midst of flogging her memoir, "A Single Step," Paul McCartney's bride is reportedly shopping around yet another book. This time, the New York Post reports, it's a compilation of party and decoration tips and vegetarian recipes. It would certainly make a good holiday gift for Moby ...

Actors find inspiration in the strangest places. Andy Serkis, who provides the voice of Gollum in the "Lord of the Rings" movies, credits his cats for helping him come up with just the right sound for the part. "I looked at what happens to them when they have fur balls and the way their whole body convulses when they're coughing them up," Serkis tells "I took my inspiration for Gollum's voice from that." Meow-meow disgusting meow.

Say it isn't so. According to NBC News, Winona Ryder's lawyer has said he plans to petition the court for a new trial on behalf of his client. Please ... someone ... make it stop.

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