"Murder Mysteries" by Neil Gaiman

Listen to a full-cast radio production of a whodunit tale set in the City of Angels, starring Brian Dennehy as Raguel, the Angel of Vengeance.

By Salon Staff
Published November 11, 2002 6:07PM (UTC)
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Neil Gaiman is the author of "American Gods," "Neverwhere" and "Coraline." Among the many awards he has won are the Bram Stoker Award and the World Fantasy Award. In 1999 he adapted two stories, "Snow Glass Apples" and "Murder Mysteries," from his collection "Smoke and Mirrors," for a full-cast radio drama that was subsequently produced by the Sci-Fi Channel and Seeing Ear Theatre. Recordings of those performances are now available in a two disc set titled "Two Plays For Voices."

"Murder Mysteries" is set in heaven's City of Angels before the fall, before the first crime has been committed. While the angelic hosts labor to create the world and its workings, one of their number is mysteriously slain by one of their own. Raguel, Angel of Vengeance, is mandated by Lucifer to discover both motive and murderer in this holy dominion that had so recently known no sin.


Full Cast:
Brian Dennehy as Raguel; Anne Bobby as Tink's Friend; Christopher Burns as Saraquael; Thom Christopher as Lucifer; Ed Dennehy as Zephkiel; Michael Emerson as Narrator; Traci Godfrey as Tinkerbell Richmond; Evan Pappas as Phanuel.

Listen to an excerpt from "Murder Mysteries" courtesy of Harper Audio.

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