Eminem: Beat it!

Rapper shares tip on how to get up for a performance; Elton: Don't go changing. Plus: Malfoy lives!

Amy Reiter
November 14, 2002 4:15PM (UTC)

Those of you who still think Eminem is something of a wack job, despite his recent mainstream movie success, may be onto something.

The rapper turned movie star says he prepares for every onstage performance in his own very special way. He showers, gets dressed and, he tells Spin magazine, "I beat off before every show."


I can't imagine why they didn't put that in the movie.

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20-20 hindsight

Speaking of looking at the world through rose-handed ... er ... -colored glasses ...

Elton John says he's turning his back on 4,000 of his favorite accessories: His famous glittery eyewear.

Yep, he's getting laser surgery to correct his vision.

"I'm so fed up with 'Where are they?'" the heretofore-bespectacled star told the Associated Press. "I can't see anything, so why wait?"

Wow, next thing you know he'll be extolling the joys of somber suits.


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After all, he has more nicknames than she does

"By Thursday, everyone will be focused on me again."

-- Sean "Puffy/Puff Daddy/P. Diddy" Combs on why he's not worried about being upstaged by his ex Jennifer Lopez's disclosure -- aired Wednesday on ABC -- that she and Ben Affleck are getting hitched, at a press conference about the MTV Awards.

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Juicy bits

Bond, big Bond? The wardrobe people on "Die Another Day" have told the London Daily Mail that Pierce Brosnan wasn't exactly burning through all the calories he consumed during the course of filming. Consequently, they had to keep letting out his pants. "He kept putting on weight," one costume insider said. "In the end we were calling the film 'Diet Another Day.'" Ha!


Look who's stepping into their (hot) Jimmy Choo shoes and taking center stage. "Sopranos" stars Drea de Matteo and Michael Imperioli are set to emcee VH1's Big in 2002 awards next month. Someone must have made them an offer they can't refuse.

He likes to hear himself talk, and MSNBC is betting that the rest of us will, too. The Associated Press reports that Jesse Ventura is in negotiations to host his own TV talk show after he wraps up his Minnesota governor duties in January. Beware the feather boa.

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Lucius lives?

"The only clue I've had is Jo [J.K. Rowling] saying it's been very painful killing off one of the characters that everyone loves and no one loves Lucius, so I'm presuming I'm still alive."

-- Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter flicks, on his inkling that his character will survive in Book 5, to Ananova.com.


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