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Susan dreams of Sarandon rest stop in Jersey; Tim Allen's on a roll. Plus: Fur heaven's sake, Gisele, get with it!

By Amy Reiter
November 18, 2002 4:39PM (UTC)
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Next time you're driving along the highway and stop for a pee and a cup of caff, spare a thought -- won't you? -- for Susan Sarandon. She so wants to be on your mind at just that moment ... at least if you happen to be in New Jersey.

"I'm going for a rest stop," the Oscar-winning actress told the crowd last week at the Cape May New Jersey State Film Festival, where she was honored with an award from the governor of the state where she attended high school. "I have all my other awards, but I want a rest stop named for me."


No "Thelma and Louise" jokes, please.

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Not a shred of self-doubt

"I get all these Bibles sent to me saying, 'Repent now' and I shred them."

-- Elton John on religion, repentance and ripping, to PeopleNews.

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Homeboy's boyhood home

What am I bid for Eminem's boyhood? It's up for sale on eBay.

According to the Macomb Daily, the rapper's hometown paper, the 1,500-square-foot, 1.5-story home in south Warren, Mich., where young Marshall Mathers III lived "off and on" between the ages of 13 and 25, is being offered for sale to the general public by a couple of local developers who bought it from Eminem's maternal uncle, Todd Nelson.


The developers, Sebastian Lucido and Roland Fraschetti, are asking for a minimum bid of $120,000, though the house has been valued at around $47,000 -- and they paid $45,000 for it just a short while ago.

"There's a chance someone may want to buy it and move it to Hollywood for a museum or something," Fraschetti told the paper. "If no one buys it, I'm sure we can rent it out for premium rents. It would rent for $500 for the upstairs and $900 for the first level."


Any takers?

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He probably takes them into the can with him, too

"I'll read just about any transportation magazine. It can be about cars, trucks, boats, planes -- hell, even tanks and tractors -- I don't care. I'm a man. No explanation necessary!"


-- Tim Allen on the free-wheelin' magazines he favors, in Folio magazine.

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Is she fur real?

If Gisele Bundchen was bothered by those noisy PETA protesters who crashed her strut down the catwalk at a New York fashion show last week, she didn't show it.


The anti-fur advocates, who carried signs that said "Gisele: Fur Scum," apparently objected to the Brazilian supermodel's recent endorsement of BlackGama fur coats.

Afterwards, a baffled Bundchen told the press, "I'm the biggest animal lover in the world. I was just doing my job. I'm a model. I don't even wear fur. They just want attention."

Whoa, is that what they want? She's quick, that one.

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