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Justin breaks his foot and denies knowledge of his bandmates' privates; George Clooney bares his butt -- twice.

By Amy Reiter
Published November 20, 2002 5:23PM (UTC)
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Justin Timberlake just broke a foot rehearsing for an upcoming awards show and has to stay off it for two weeks. But that's not the only Timberlake body part that could stand to get a little rest: The solo boy bander's been working his mouth way too hard of late.

Following up on his recent comments about a newfound love of smoking blunts, the former poster boy for the squeaky-clean teen set tells the upcoming issue of Blender magazine that he's in favor of legalizing marijuana.


Fair enough, but his reasons tend to weaken the argument.

"It would cut the crime rate in half," he says. "All the stoners I know are too paranoid to do anything stupid."

Not that Timberlake himself is averse to doing dumb things.

For instance, he says, he's come mighty close to picking a fistfight with Creed frontman Scott Sapp.


"I do not like that guy," Timberlake shares. "'N Sync was in a club one time, and he walked up and slapped two of the guys really hard on the back. I was thinking, 'If he hits me like that, I'm going to fuck him up.'"

And he's itching to see his bandmate Chris Kirkpatrick go a few rounds with Eminem.

"I think if they were in a fight, Chris would kick [Eminem's] ass," he says. "Chris is tough. And he has a Napoleon complex too, so he's extra tough."


And speaking of asses, Timberlake would like us all to know that he's more of a booty man than a breast man. But he's not into the male anatomy at all, despite rumors about 'N Sync-ers getting mighty close to each other on the road.

"I can honestly say that I've never seen Joey, Lance, JC or Chris' penis," he says.


Or maybe he was just too high to remember?

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Speaking of butt men

"You can't talk about the cosmos without getting back to George Clooney's ass."

-- Steven Soderbergh, to the New York Post, on how every conversation about his film "Solaris" leads to a discussion of its star's behind, which he bares twice in the film.


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I guess it doesn't take that long to get over Billy Bob Thornton. At least, it seems, not if you're Angelina Jolie.

The lippy actress is said to have fulfilled her wish to get back together with her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller.


The London Daily Mirror reports that Jolie and Miller have been spotted at various London establishments looking mighty cozy.

And at the restaurant of Claridge's hotel the other night, one witness tells the British tab, "They were all over each other. Angelina had draped herself over Jonny and they were giggling away ... People were gawping at them."

Wake me when it's time for the blood-vial exchange.

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Louise to the rescue

If Russell Crowe needs a shoulder to cry on, Susan Sarandon would be happy to help.

The actress says she feels Crowe's pain about the "massive stress" of living life in the spotlight, which he has recently decried. But, she says, there are ways to deal.

"You don't have to sacrifice your family to do this job," Sarandon told an Australian newspaper this week. "Sure, there are a lot of demands placed on you. There's the press to deal with, and the invasion of privacy is something else, but if you really, really like what you're doing, you find a way to deal with the stress."


But rather than go through all her secrets with the rest of us, she'd really prefer to discuss it with Crowe himself.

"If Russell Crowe wants to speak to me about this," Sarandon says, "I'll be glad to talk with him."

Note to Susan: Don't get him mad.

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King of sloppy parenting

Oh, the bitter irony.

Michael Jackson caused quite a ruckus outside a Berlin hotel room Tuesday when he dangled a baby assumed to be his youngest child over a banister outside his window, Reuters reports. He was in town to pick up an award for his philanthropic work on behalf of children.

The baby, which Jackson held in one hand, could not be definitively identified, as it had a white cloth over its head.

Guess you don't win awards for knowing that you diaper the other end.

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