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Commando girl Clarkson ditches undies; Snoop Dogg in Huggy Bear movie talks; the naked truth about Greg Kinnear. Plus: Celine Dion cooks!

By Amy Reiter
Published November 22, 2002 10:26PM (UTC)
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She may have a song in her heart, but "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson wants us all to know that she definitely does not have a thong somewhere else.

Nor does she have bikinis or briefs.

"I am commando girl," Clarkson declares in the upcoming issue of Blender magazine. "Why in the world would you want a little thing up your butt when you can go free?"


Perhaps it was just that freedom of booty that gave her the competitive edge during the filming of "American Idol." Clarkson says she went without underwear the whole time.

And, she says, "I swear all my friends in Texas go commando, too."

Bush loyalists, I guess.


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Nobody loved Raymond

"The numbers were horrible ... but we were such a bad network, I could be patient."

-- CBS head honcho Les Moonves on giving "Everybody Loves Raymond" time to find its audience, during an upcoming appearance on Kurt Andersen's new show, "Face Time," on Trio.


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When Doggie met Huggy

Snoop Dogg may have been cut from the Muppets Christmas TV special a few weeks back, but he seems to be bouncing back just fine.

Not only has MTV just signed him to star in a new half-hour variety show, "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle," but he's also rumored to be deep in negotiations to play lovable street informant Huggy Bear on the upcoming big-screen version of the classic '70s TV show "Starsky and Hutch." Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have been cast in the lead roles.


"He is definitely in talks," one source told, "and with the filming starting in March, it looks like he must be onboard. Snoop's only condition is said to be that he gets to wear his own fedora in the movie."

It's Huggy Bear, Doggie style.

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So unlike Crane himself ...

"I know there are actors who would say I wimped out by not doing the major sex scenes and that down the line I'll regret it. Let me assure everyone that you'll never hear me say I could feel comfortable with the kind of racy things contained in this movie."

-- Greg Kinnear on why he insisted on using a body double for the numerous sex scenes in the Bob Crane biopic, "Auto Focus," to the Calgary Sun.


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Juicy bits

Now that Russell Crowe has split the scene for a while, Ewan McGregor is sweeping in and picking up his leavings. McGregor is set to take over the part Crowe was to have played in "Flora Plum," the movie about circus freak love during the Great Depression that Jodie Foster has been itching to direct for years now. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Meryl Streep and Claire Danes have also agreed to star.

Would you like fries with that warble? Celine Dion slipped behind the counter at a McDonald's in Florida Wednesday in order to serve healthy Micky-D breakfasts to dozens of elementary school students. She did it for the good of the kiddies -- to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provides lodging for the families of hospitalized kids. "I'm here because I'm a mother and to make a difference in my son's life is what counts the most," Dion told the Associated Press. "And if I can make a difference in other children's lives, I will do it." Her hairnet will go on.


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