Free Day Pass to Salon Premium ends soon

Salon's CEO invites you to see what you're missing.

By Salon Staff
Published December 2, 2002 1:06PM (EST)

Dear Salon Reader,

A year and a half ago we launched our subscription service, Salon Premium. In that time we've been heartened that nearly 54,000 of you have stepped up to subscribe. Our subscribers have had exclusive access to all of Salon's award-winning content -- our investigative scoops, our in-the-trenches coverage from Afghanistan, everything.

But some of you continue to tell us that you're still on the fence. You've considered subscribing but you want to sample the merchandise first. Well, you're in luck. For a limited time, the folks at Mercedes-Benz will essentially pick up the tab for you. Consider it a Salon Premium test drive of sorts. You can access Salon Premium for the day and all you'll be asked to do in return is interact with a few screens featuring the new Mercedes E-Class luxury sedan. To take advantage of this offer just go to a Premium article and select the Mercedes-Benz link at the bottom. But hurry, because this promotion will soon be over.

Give it a try. I think that after sampling Salon Premium you'll want to subscribe, especially since we recently rolled out two new ways to save on the cost. Our new Ad-Supported Salon Premium plan costs just $18.50 a year -- about a nickel a day. When you subscribe using the new no annual fee Salon Visa card, you'll pay just $15 for an annual subscription and get a low interest rate to boot.

Enjoy your day pass to Salon Premium courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.

Best Regards,

Michael O'Donnell
President and CEO,

Salon Staff

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