Naked divas demanding sex

Celine Dion longs to sing in the buff; J.Lo inks a deal for conjugal bliss -- four times a week.

By Amy Reiter
Published December 3, 2002 5:36PM (EST)

Her heart may go on, but Celine Dion would really prefer that her clothes come off.

The cloying crooner has told the U.K. Sun that she fantasizes about performing in the nude. She contends it'd be the best cure for our cultural obsession with image.

"I'd like my audience to be naked, too," she shares with the British tab.

And if you think it's just the showgirl scene in Las Vegas, home of the singer's upcoming show, "A New Day," working its topless magic on her, think again. Dion's dud-doffing dream goes way beyond performing.

"I wish we were all naked all the time," Dion says. "I have always believed it is what's underneath that counts. If we were all forced to be naked, perhaps we would start to see that a little bit more."

I'm guessing we'd see a lot more than a little bit more.

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Another doffing diva heard from

"I thought you were supposed to feel at home and do stupid stuff ... The only thing I wish I had done is had a better camera angle."

-- Mariah Carey on the weird striptease she did on MTV's "Total Request Live" last year, shortly before she checked herself in for exhaustion, in an interview with MTV that airs Tuesday night.

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No headaches allowed

Does Jennifer Lopez have about as much confidence in the staying power of her impending marriage to Ben Affleck as the rest of us?

Depends on how much stock you place in the British tabloids.

The London Daily Star is reporting that Lopez is insisting on a pre-nup that guarantees her $5 million if Affleck cheats on her -- and $1 million more if he lies about it.

And if that sounds a little outrageous, the paper also claims that J.Lo is exacting a promise from Affleck -- in writing -- that they have sex no less than four times a week.

How sweet.

More confident in J.Lo and B.Af's relationship, it would seem, is the couple's buddy Kevin Smith, who directed them in "Jersey Girl."

According to the New York Post, Smith has presented the gooey duo with a custom-made video game called "Jen Saves Ben," in which an animated Lopez fights evil forces -- including a robot version of Matt Damon -- to rescue Affleck from a nasty fate.

If she succeeds, she gets to kiss him.

Here's hoping she succeeds no less than four times a week.

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Dangle this

"This idea is not inspired by Michael Jackson."

-- Spoon bender Uri Geller on his concept for a TV game show in which childless couples compete to adopt a baby, to the U.K. Sun.

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Juicy bits

What's in a name? Don't ask Courteney Cox ... or is it Courteney Cox Arquette? "I am an Arquette, but I'm also a Cox," the actress tells InStyle magazine when asked about her recent -- but occasional -- switch back to her maiden name, which she says she did to honor her dad, who died last year. "My social security card says Courteney Cox Arquette. And when we have children they will not be Cox-Arquettes, they will be Arquettes." I hope that's all cleared up now.

Less equivocal on the topic of names are Rosie O'Donnell and her partner, Kelli Carpenter, who gave birth to a baby girl in New York on Friday. They've announced that the little thing will be called Vivienne Rose O'Donnell. The first name was inspired by the main character in "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood," and the middle name honors Rosie's late mother, Roseanne. No, I don't suppose the anonymous sperm donor had much say in the matter.

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