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Mariah sings the blues about her love life; John C. Reilly's a major fem fan; Julianne Moore finally settles down with her babies' pop. Plus: Brooke's pretty baby?

Published January 6, 2003 5:20PM (EST)

Poor Mariah Carey.

Sure, she may be regaining her emotional stability and getting her career back on track. And yes, there are rumors that she's been seeing Vin Diesel. But despite it all, she's still feeling, well, lonely.

"How's my love life? Where is my love life!" the singer exclaims in an interview in the upcoming issue of Blender magazine. "Look, if there was someone who was cool, fun, someone who would let me be me ... someone who didn't have my poster, because you can't live up to a poster ..."

But all she gets are fan types.

"I think men expect me to sit there in a black dress and sing 'Love Takes Time' in their ear," she gripes.

She'd also like someone around her age, unlike her ex-husband, Tommy Mattola. And someone who will "like me for my mind." Not that that's such a tall order.

"I would like someone who doesn't accuse me of making up words like 'segue,'" she says.

And someone who doesn't call her names in the press might be nice, too. Something she still hasn't completely forgiven Eminem for, though she insists the two were never intimately involved.

"You know what? I went to his house and played on the trampoline. That was it," she says.

Sounds like a relationship with some real ups and downs.

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Reilly sweet guy

Unfortunately for Mariah, John C. Reilly is off the market, happily married to a woman named Alison he doesn't discuss much in interviews.

But the actor -- who's in, like, every movie out right now ("The Hours," "Gangs of New York," "Chicago") -- would certainly fit the "man who'll like me for my mind" thing Carey's been hoping for.

"I just wanna say that I'm down with the ladies, I'm a new feminist," Reilly shares in the upcoming issue of Jane magazine. "All the power to the sisters."

And he means all the power.

"The world is a messed-up place," he says, "and I think part of the reason is because the men have been in charge for so long."

He probably knows what "segue" means, too.

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Another one who wants to be loved for his (dangerous) mind

"When I chose to do 'The Gong Show,' it changed my life incredibly, to the point that, when I went in a bookstore, a lady looked at me and yelled to her husband across the way, 'Look, he reads!' I was crushed."

-- Wacky '70s game-show host Chuck Barris on low points along the way, in the Toronto Sun.

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Juicy bits

Match made not far from heaven? Julianne Moore and her longtime beau, writer/director Bart Freundlich, have decided to make things official. Not that living together for six years and having two children -- Caleb, 5, and Liv, 9 months -- sounded unofficial to us ...

Pretty baby, the next generation: Brooke Shields has announced that she's in a family way. The actress and her writer husband, Chris Hency, are expecting their first baby in May. But it wasn't exactly a case of suddenly preggers. "Getting pregnant was not easy," Shields told the New York Post. "Chris and I have been hoping for a while, just waiting and wondering and trying." Don't look to me to make a crack about tight Calvins leading to diminished fertility; I won't do it.

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