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A letter from the editors

Published January 8, 2003 1:49AM (EST)

Dear Salon reader,

Today we introduce several changes to Salon, which we hope will improve your experience of our site.

Our existing News and Politics sites are now combined (it's true, we confess we sometimes had a hard time figuring out whether a story belonged in one or the other). The new News & Politics site will be the home for Salon's groundbreaking political and international reporting, including our award-winning investigative journalism. We've also broken out a separate Opinion site as a home for our political columnists such as Joe Conason, Arianna Huffington, Robert Scheer and Andrew Sullivan -- as well as for other pieces that weigh in on the news of the day with a more opinionated slant.

We're also retiring our People site -- but not Amy Reiter's beloved daily Nothing Personal column, which has a new home in our Arts & Entertainment site.

Finally, you'll find a link on our navigation bar to Dialogue -- a new page that lists all the various forms of lively interaction that Salon offers, from our legendary online communities, the Well and Table Talk, to our new Salon Blogs program, to our popular Salon Personals service.

Expect more new features in coming weeks and months as we continue to work at making Salon the most provocative and informative destination on the Web.

-- The editors of Salon

By Salon Staff

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