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Does Claudia Schiffer deserve 124 wedding rings? Backstreet Boy Nick Carter wants to get dirty and sweaty with you. Plus: Sorry, Darva Conger fans!

Published January 13, 2003 9:00PM (EST)

Bad news for the Mozambican man who was recently accused of swiping 124 wedding rings from a Berlin jewelry store with hopes of presenting them to Claudia Schiffer.

("I needed so many rings so that she could pick one out," the smitten fellow, who was acquitted due to mental illness, reportedly told the court. "Besides, I wasn't sure about her ring size.")

The recently married -- and ripe with child -- German supermodel says she's quite content with her new husband, film producer Matthew Vaughn.

"Being married has far exceeded my expectations," Schiffer tells Britain's Tatler magazine. "I have never been this happy and in love."

Despite the fact that Vaughn only gave her one measly wedding ring.

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Ah, romance

Speaking of rings, "Sabrina" star Melissa Joan Hart may have just provided us all with the best engagement story yet this year.

When her boyfriend, hard rocker Mark Wilkerson, proposed to her the day after Christmas, she reacted in a particularly endearing way.

"After we opened all the presents and I thanked him for my gifts, he said, 'I have one more. Close your eyes.' And then he puts this ring right in front of me," the actress told E! News Live last week.

What'd she say?

"I told him to shut up!" she shared. "That's the first thing I said, but I immediately said 'yes' after the 'shut up.' It was, 'Shut up! Yes!' "

It's not much, but it's better than all that J.Lo-Ben Affleck rose-petals-and-candles engagement treacle.

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Master of not aging ... and understatement

"He's got a bit of a P.R. problem."

-- Dick Clark on his good buddy Michael Jackson, in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Dirrty boy

Is Nick Carter taking a page -- though not an extra "r" -- from Christina Aguilera?

"I wanna be dirty," the Backstreet Boy told last week. "I wanna be sweaty."

To that end, Carter has announced plans to tour the U.S. next month in support of his debut album, "Now or Never." He's planning to play only smaller clubs and theaters.

"I wanna be closer to fans. I wanna be so close to where I could, like, just touch them, you know what I'm sayin'?" he said. "And you know, it's just instruments and a P.A. in a little club with a bunch of people who want to hear you, and if they like the music I'm going to give them one hell of a show."

And maybe, like, a massage or something too. Just so long as he doesn't start dressing like Christina.

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The skinny on Kate

"The retouching is excessive. I don't look like that and I don't desire to look like that."

-- Kate Winslet, disavowing her digitally slimmed-down look on the cover of the British edition of GQ, to Sky News.

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Kate's not the only one with regrets ...

Last week, I reported that Darva Conger and Coolio were among the celebrities competing on the reality show "Celebrity Mole Hawaii." Several readers wrote to let me know that neither Conger nor Coolio actually appear on the show. I regret the error. And if these readers actually had to watch the show to discover the absence of Conger and Coolio, well, I regret that even more.

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