Jilted by J.Lo

Ralph Fiennes toyed with and thrown aside on "Maid" set? Estella Warren loves being a hottie; Ozzy and Pat Boone, together at last. Plus: World's wackiest Diana Ross police videos!

Published January 15, 2003 9:00PM (EST)

Ralph Fiennes: patsy?

The actor says that when he was making "Maid in Manhattan" with Jennifer Lopez, J.Lo's people used him as a "decoy" to throw the press off the scent of the singer/actress's relationship with Ben Affleck.

"It was a setup. Someone set up the idea she was having an affair with me when it was really with someone else. I was the decoy," Fiennes tells the Calgary Sun. "J.Lo denies this, but then there was Ben."

Fiennes wasn't too tickled getting used and discarded so cavalierly by his costar's peeps.

"I said: 'Jennifer, I'm a little jealous. We were having a thing here and now it's Ben,'" he recalls. "J.Lo has a whirlwind lifestyle and I just hung out with Stanley Tucci."

Stanley Tucci vs. Ben Affleck? I'd say Fiennes got the better end of that deal.

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Modesty incarnate

"I don't mind being the beautiful, sexy girl. I really don't. I don't know why people have an adversity to being what they are."

-- Model-turned-actress Estella Warren on how being typecast as perfect is fine with her, to Canada's Edmonton Sun.

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If K.D. and Tony can do it, and Elton and Eminem ...

Who could have predicted that Pat Boone had a bat biter inside him, yearning to breathe free?

At the American Music Awards the other night, the aging crooner shared a long-held fantasy: to duet with his former neighbor Ozzy Osbourne on his favorite Osbourne song.

"He and Sharon both enthusiastically said yes, so there may be an Osbourne-Boone duet in the offing, I hope," Boone announced.

So which tune will these two take on?

"I can't tell you what song because I'm afraid somebody will beat me to it," Boone, who has already covered Ozzy's "Crazy Train" on one of his albums, said.


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She doesn't mean you, Tom

"I've never been so excited to have people walk all over me for the rest of my life."

-- Nicole Kidman at the unveiling this week of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Juicy bits

Good news for celebrity voyeurs: The police videotape of Diana Ross being tested for DUI last December will be released to the press, possibly as soon as Friday, the Associated Press reports. An Arizona judge has ordered its dispersal, but has stipulated that the tape be released without audio. Feel free to provide your own soundtrack: Ross's own "Surrender," perhaps?

The latest celebrity to get into the rag trade? Catherine Zeta-Jones. The preggers Mrs. Michael Douglas has announced her intention to bring out a line of designer baby clothing called Zeta, the London Evening Standard reports. Spit-up: It goes with anything.

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