Brad needs babies!

For Jennifer, does "Friends" come before family? Justin is Kelly Osbourne's knight in shining armor. Plus: It's hobbits vs. humans in the Great Shaving Cream War.

Published January 16, 2003 9:00PM (EST)

Note to Jennifer Aniston: Brad's feeling broody.

Not that the "Friends" star probably doesn't know this about her husband at this point.

"We've been having disagreements about starting our family for years now," Pitt tells the British edition of Glamour magazine. "I keep saying, 'Jen, when are we going to have babies?' And she says, 'Soon.'"

But soon isn't soon enough for Pitt. He's feeling mighty frustrated about Aniston's focus on her career these days, particularly about that 10th season of "Friends."

"They came up with a great offer and she didn't want to abandon her pals," Pitt explains. "She wouldn't leave them in the lurch -- she is so loyal. I love my wife, but waiting to start our family is driving me nuts."

I guess hitting the snooze button on the biological clock will last him only so long ...

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No snoozing here

"I watch Carmen while she sleeps."

-- Former Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro on his fiancée, Carmen Electra, in Glamour magazine (the U.S. edition).

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Girl fight?

If Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are back together, as has been rumored, Spears may already have a competitor on the horizon: Kelly Osbourne.

"I actually really like him," Osbourne, who actually has a boyfriend, tells Spin magazine. "He is such a gentleman."

In fact, Timberlake once even gallantly rushed to Osbourne's defense.

"One time this girl came up and told me I was fat," Osbourne recalls. "I was really tired and had had a couple of drinks, and it really pained me."

But Timberlake, who was nearby, came to her aid.

"He said, 'Don't cry in front of her because it means she wins,'" she says.


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The mind reels ...

"This should be like 'Pretty Woman,' but with the visual energy and excess of 'Scarface.'"

-- Nicole Kidman on "Pay the Girl," the Heidi Fleiss biopic in which she's planning to star, to Variety.

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Get set

Sounds like things got a little lively on the New Zealand set of "Lord of the Rings" there ...

"It was the hobbits versus the humans, seeing who could trash each other's trailer the most," Dominic Monaghan, who plays the hobbit Merry Brandybuck, told

The trouble started when Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean taped up Monaghan's trailer, barring his entry.

But with a little help from Elijah Wood, Monaghan managed to exact his revenge.

"Me and Elijah made some fake dog poo and covered the stairs to Orlando's trailer with it," Monaghan shared. "We also sprayed all over the inside of his trailer with shaving foam and then squirted hairspray all over the taps so that everything was sticky."

Boys -- even hobbit boys -- will be boys, I suppose.

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