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Heather Locklear has a few things to say about ass shots. Plus: Jude Law as the man who would be Bond.

Published January 28, 2003 5:21PM (EST)

Bond ... young, skinny Bond?

Jude Law has gotten the nod to play everyone's favorite martini-sippin' spy by the readers of a British magazine called Total Film. Getting 25 percent of the vote in a survey launched by the magazine, Law edged out Ewan McGregor as the fan pick to replace Pierce Brosnan when he finally limps away from the role.

Odd casting choice? Matt Mueller, the film magazine's editor, thinks not.

"I think Jude Law has that upper-class, debonair sophistication about him that people associate with James Bond," Mueller told the press. "More so than Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale," who came in third in the poll.

Mercifully, Hugh Grant landed way down on the fans' list, snagging just 2 percent of the vote.

So at least we won't have Bond ... stammering Bond.

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Only the good... ?

"Me and my mother put the sign 'Trail's End' in the tree because [this] was going to be our last home, but it's taken on a whole new meaning now."

-- Sag Harbor, Long Island, resident Winthrop Barrett on the tree on "Dead Man's Curve" that Billy Joel sideswiped in his car over the weekend (he was released from the hospital with only facial cuts), in the New York Post.

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Heather Locklear's booty call

Nice to hear stories of one actress getting another's back ... or would that be backside?

Heather Locklear was there for Christa Miller Lawrence during a recent appearance on "Scrubs."

When Miller Lawrence's husband, "Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence, wrote a scene that called for a shot of his pregnant wife's booty, Miller Lawrence heartily objected, she tells Fit Pregnancy magazine.

"I called him and said, 'You are not shooting my pregnant butt on television.' He said, 'Oh yes, I am,'" the actress recalls. "He told me that any actress would do that scene."

Miller Lawrence turned to Locklear, who was guest-starring on the show, and found that Locklear had her rear.

According to Miller Lawrence, the former "Melrose Place" star called writer Lawrence and said, "I wouldn't do it. You wouldn't shoot my pregnant butt.'"

No ifs, ands or ...

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Hillary, a good thing

"She's smart, she's worthy, she's great. You know, that's what I hope I'll be thought of as."

-- Martha Stewart on how Hillary Clinton is her hero, in the New Yorker.

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Beyond Bing

Does Elizabeth Hurley have the all-time most self-destructive taste in men or what?

If reformed paternity denier Steve Bing made Hugh Grant's Divine Brown episode look like child's play, the man currently being linked to Hurley may make Bing look loyal and true by comparison.

His name? Arun Nayar, an Indian businessman ... who is already married.

Nayar's father-in-law, Giovanni Pedroni, has reportedly confirmed to the press that his daughter, Italian model Valentina Pedroni, is still legally hitched to her husband of seven years.

Nayar's wife lives in Milan, while Nayar lives with his mother in Mumbai, but "there's no question of separation or divorce," Pedroni told the British tabs. Then he added, somewhat nonchalantly, "He runs around with all sorts of women. He likes a good social life."

Friends of Nayar have told the Indian Express that Hurley's new buddy is an "extravagant" partyer. One even used the world "depraved."

That Liz, she really knows how to pick 'em.

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