When supermodels attack!

Christie Brinkley takes a few photos of her own. Plus: Angelina Jolie drinks her way back into the news.

Published January 29, 2003 5:38PM (EST)

Billy Joel may be headed for another collision. And this time, it's personal.

His ex-wife Christie Brinkley has issued a statement explaining why she took it upon herself to scuttle down to the Sag Harbor firehouse on Sunday, hours after Joel crashed his car into a nearby tree, and snap a few pics of her ex's wrecked wheels. It was onaccounta she's worried about her and Joel's 17-year-old daughter, Alexa, who was apparently in Joel's car not long before he had his wipeout, his second such crash in less than a year.

"The seat Alexa was sitting in only hours before this latest crash was completely destroyed," Brinkley, whose relationship with Joel is generally described as amicable, told the press. "I'm worried about Billy, but like any mother would be, I am alarmed and concerned about my child's safety by this frightening pattern of accidents."

Next up on reality TV: "When Supermodels Attack."

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Who nose?

"We're now basically waiting for the nose to show up on eBay."

-- "The Hours" director Stephen Daldry on what he suspects will become of Nicole Kidman's prosthetic proboscis, to the New York Post.

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Agro-free Angie?

Is Angelina Jolie back on civil terms with her pops, Jon Voight?

According to the London Daily Star, the two were seen hoisting beverages in each other's company in the bar of London's Dorchester Hotel last week. No fur flew.

"Jon was in the bar having a drink. He was waiting for Angelina and when she came in they took a table in the corner and chatted away," one witness to the pleasant family scene told the tabloid. "They all seemed to be getting along pretty well and there were no signs of any agro between them."

It's not exactly exchanging vials of blood, but it's a start ...

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Must be that fake-clap trick

"He has this kind of goofy, beatnik thing. It's like awkward, but cool. Especially on 'The Gong Show.' When you watch 'The Gong Show,' he's kind of awkward and goofy, and yet he's still kinda cool and sexy. There's something sexy about the guy when he's doing 'The Gong Show.'"

-- Sam Rockwell on the hidden charms of Chuck Barris, whom he plays in "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," to the Associated Press.

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Juicy bits

Most actors crave awards, but Michael Caine is apparently not most actors. He fears them. "I've got three Baftas and three Golden Globes but I've only got two Oscars. It's quite crowded. I wouldn't want the shelf to fall over and hit me on the head," he tells the London Express. "It might kill me." In which case whoever eulogizes him will be sure to thank the Academy.

Who knew Melissa Etheridge had such a fondness for organs? The singer has donated $15,000 to the town of Leavenworth, Kan., in which she grew up, so that the people there could buy an instrument to accompany a historical carousel that's currently being restored. They're engraving a brass plaque in her honor, but for $15,000, they should throw in the brass ring, too.

Does this make Carol a grandma? Barry Williams, best known to the world as Greg Brady, has announced the birth of his and wife Ella's son, Brandon Eric Williams, on Friday. No, I don't know why he didn't name him Johnny Bravo Williams ...

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