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Rush Limbaugh loses some support -- while Susan McDougal gains some.

Published January 30, 2003 8:29PM (EST)

Putting Rush on an advertising diet
Soon Rush Limbaugh will start whining about the dangers to free speech posed by the progressive activists whose protests have quickly driven away a few of his advertisers. The thin-skinned blowhard tends to regard any criticism or opposition as an attempt to shut him up, impossible as that would obviously be. (He used to say that proposals to revive the Fairness Doctrine were actually designed to ruin his career.) Exercising their own free speech, the organizers and letter writers at Take Back the Media have taken on this media behemoth -- and according to CBS Marketwatch, their efforts are starting to cut. To me the most interesting angle of William Spain's story is that boycott organizer Michael Stinson is an antiwar Vietnam veteran -- and he's angry at Rush for questioning dissenters' patriotism.

Susan suddenly selling
The editors of the New York Times Book Review may not be looking out for Susan McDougal, but someone is. Despite a bizarre review in the Times last week, her book is No. 25 today on Better still, I am reliably told that on Feb. 9, "The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk" will appear on the Times nonfiction bestseller list at No. 12.
[12:20 p.m. PST, Jan. 30, 2003]

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