Rocking for L. Ron

Lisa Marie Presley sings the songs of Scientology. Plus: Fred Durst dreams of Angelina.

Published January 30, 2003 5:11PM (EST)

Lisa Marie Presley's forthcoming album sure sounds more and more like one you're gonna wanna rush right out and buy ... especially if you happen to be, say, Tom Cruise, John Travolta or one of Hollywood's other ardent Scientologists.

Elvis' little girl tells that the title track of her CD, "To Whom It May Concern," is an anthem dedicated to spreading the word of one L. Ron Hubbard, of whom she is a follower.

"This is me. This record is me. Every song is me. You're going to see who I really am and not what the tabloids say or whatever anyone has to say about me," Presley told the music Web site.

And while she's on her musical soapbox, the estranged Mrs. Cage also plans to take a moment to sing loud and proud about one of her favorite causes: the dangers of overmedicating children.

Not quite "Heartbreak Hotel" or "Blue Suede Shoes," but who's counting?

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Killing me softly with poopoo

"You wouldn't want it to be said at any point in your existence, here or in the hereafter, that you didn't take care of your temple, that you left it dirty, that there was poopoo. You wouldn't leave your house like that, so why treat your body like that?"

-- Roberta Flack on showing respect for your body, in New York magazine.

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Durst Dreams

Those rumors about Britney Spears making out with Colin "I'm into casual sex" Farrell at a Hollywood club the other night don't seem to be worrying her fella Fred Durst too much. If anything, Durst seems to be doing his best to start a few rumors of his own.

"I had an interesting dream last night about Angelina Jolie," Durst writes on Limp Bizkit's official Web site. "I dreamt that I was in London playing her some new songs. She stopped me in the middle of 'Build a Bridge' and asked if it was about her.

"I didn't know what to say, so I kept playing the song and she stopped me again and asked me to please tell her who this song is about," Durst continues. "So I told her and she kissed me like no other."

Jolie, Durst shares, "is truly and literally the woman of my dreams. Whoa!! I think about her way too much."

Whoa! Will someone tell Fred that there are women on the other side of the velvet rope?

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Maybe they talk about girls?

"What's happened to Blair? I don't understand his reasoning or his logic. I don't understand his evolution. I can see him being seduced by Clinton but don't understand what him and Bush speak about."

-- Susan Sarandon wondering, somewhat ungrammatically, what P.M. Tony Blair sees in that man President Bush, to the British press at the London premiere of "The Banger Sisters."

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What an O'Toole

Peter O'Toole would like to spank the Academy.

The veteran actor is none too tickled to have been offered an honorary Oscar this year and has asked that the Academy reconsider ... or at least hold off for another decade.

"Since I'm still in the game and might win the lovely bugger outright, would the Academy please defer the honor until I am 80?" the 70-year-old star asked organizers in a handwritten note.

"Bemused and sorry" as the Academy claimed to be by O'Toole's response, its president, Frank Pierson, says it will go ahead with plans to honor O'Toole this year. He points out that the honor does not preclude O'Toole from winning an Oscar for a specific performance in the future.

"If he cares to pick it up, " Pierson told the press, "that would be great."

Mr. O'Toole, really, is "thank you" so hard to muster?

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