Sarah's dirty feat

"Millionaire" gal's mom loves bondage flicks! MoJo refuses to leave us alone; Sandra says yes (or maybe) to Hugh. Plus: Is Michael stiffing Sotheby's?

Published February 3, 2003 9:00PM (EST)

Whatever the rest of us may think about "Joe Millionaire" bachelorette Sarah Kozer's now infamous dabble in fetish 'n' bondage flicks, Kozer insists it's all pure, innocent fun.

And her mother apparently thinks so too.

"I'll stand by anything I have ever done," Kozer, who has appeared, under the name Cindy Schubert, in such classic films as "Hogtied!" and "Dirty-Soled Dolls," told the New York Daily News. "I would never do anything that I wouldn't call and tell my mother about."

Mama Kozer seems to have found nothing unkosher about advising her daughter to dress up like a cheerleader and get bound, tied and photographed -- or to fling her filthy feet before the soft-porn cameras.

"Perhaps my mother was as naive as I was because we just thought it was silly," she said. "The pictures -- they're ridiculous."

Perhaps not quite as ridiculous as competing with 20 other women for the attentions of a construction worker posing as a millionaire, but ridiculous nonetheless.

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Another ambitious "Joe" bachelorette heard from ...

"I want [my career] to skyrocket, so hopefully, this will open up a lot of doors. I'm trying to talk to Fox about 'The MoJo Show' -- or 'The Millionaire MoJo Show.' That would be even better!"

-- "Joe Millionaire" reject Melissa Jo "MoJo" Hunter discussing her post-show plans and proving that hope really does spring irritatingly eternal, on TV Guide Online.

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Size matters

Sure, one way to tell the difference between identical-twin football players Tiki and Ronde Barber would be to look for the Super Bowl ring. The one wearing it is likely to be Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ronde, not, alas, New York Giant Tiki.

But it turns out you don't have to get close enough to see the glint of their jewelry to figure out which brother is which. There's also the simple matter of size.

"Everyone says Ronde and I are indistinguishable twins, except that I've always been heavier than Ronde, who was born first," Tiki told celebrity researcher Baird Jones last week at a victory party he threw for his brother at New York's BLO nightclub. "Perhaps I'm 15 pounds heavier because Ronde had to be thinner since he had to be the first one to squeeze through our Mom's birth canal."

Lends a whole new meaning to the phrase "first down."

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Notice this

"That's probably as true a rumor as has been written."

-- Sandra Bullock slyly stoking the rumor mill when asked whether she and Hugh Grant are romantically involved, at the U.K. premiere of "Two Weeks Notice."

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Jackson: A nose for fine art?

Note to a certain notorious baby dangler: Sotheby's wants you to cough up the big dough.

Michael Jackson may soon find himself hobbling back into court, this time to defend himself against allegations from auction house Sotheby's that he owes them more than $1.3 million for two 19th century paintings they claim he agreed to buy back in October, Reuters reports.

Despite "repeated demands" from Sotheby's, the company contends, Jackson has refused to pay for the works by French painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

"Michael Jackson now believes the property ... no longer fits into Michael Jackson's collections, contrary to previous view," the auction house claims it was told by Jackson's people.

Maybe if the paintings depicted more monkeys and little boys ...

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Jack and Kelly need not apply

"Thank God it wasn't Ozzy Osbourne's kids."

-- University of Dayton president Daniel J. Curran on recent -- false -- rumors that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen had applied for admission to an unspecified Ohio university, to the Associated Press.

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