Britney under siege

Pop princess denies snorting coke in loo. And she wasn't drunk either! Eminem madly peels dead presidents for his bro's b-day. Plus: "Joe" reject sez no Lewinsky with Evan.

Published February 21, 2003 9:00PM (EST)

Poor Britney Spears is getting it from all sides these days.

The snake-lovin' singer is fighting off allegations by a Star magazine source that she indulged in some frisky cocaine snortage with her buddies in the VIP bathroom at a Miami nightclub late last year.

"Once we were in, the guy [friend] cleans off the toilet top with a tissue and then takes out some cocaine," the chatty Brit bud told the tabloid. "Using his driver license, he chopped it up into four lines," one of which, the source contends, was sniffed right up by the Oops! girl herself.

Britney's camp insists that "there is absolutely no truth in this story whatsoever."

In fact, Spears spokeswoman Nathalie Moar has told the press, "Lawyers for Miss Spears are filing a defamation suit as we speak."

Also as we speak, Britney herself is contending with the reputation-damaging effects of certain other rumors.

Like Justin Timberlake before him, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, who claims to have been quite smitten with Spears (she's dismissed him as "not my type"), has written a song, leaked on his band's Web site, that seemingly enumerates the pop princess's amorous trespasses. It's called, charmingly, "Just Drop Dead" and includes loving lyrics like this:

"Then I get a call/ Kinda woke me up/ Said they saw you chillin'/ With this young little f---/ I ain't some punk ass/ Dealin' with your drunk ass/ Yeah, you might be fine/ But you crossed the f---in' line."

Durst hasn't come right out and said the song is about Spears, but he did say it was about "someone who just shouldn't have crossed the line, someone who thinks they can just get away with anything regardless of how bad the karma will be, someone who lives their life fooling everyone. Not me. Not this time."

Meanwhile, the man who may just be the "young little f---" in question, Colin "Casual Sex" Farrell, has denied that he and Spears did anything but share a friendly kiss.

Come to think of it, that may be the most damaging rumor of all ...

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From glass slippers to horseshoes

"Being with the horse ... I was in heaven. That's who has my heart -- the horse."

-- "Joe Millionaire" pickee Zora Andrich on finding the love of her life on reality TV, to People magazine.

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A Beamer it ain't

Whatever else you want to say about Eminem, you can't call him a stingy big brother.

Us Weekly reports that the rapper forked over $18,000 for a silver 2003 Hyundai Sonata GLS for his half-bro, Nathan, in honor of Nathan's 17th birthday.

Eminem "entered through a back entrance and came in my office with Nathan," Michigan auto dealer George Glassman told the magazine. "I wanted to have cars brought around so they wouldn't have to go out and walk around in freezing temperatures in the lot, but Marshall [Mathers] said he didn't mind going out. Nathan sat in a couple cars before he said, 'I want this one.'"

On second thought, a Hyundai? Maybe you can call him a stingy big brother ...

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Kissed him where?

"I only kissed him. Three times ever. I know for a fact that nobody had sex with Evan at the chateau."

-- Final "Joe Millionaire" rejectee Sarah Kozer defending her honor, despite seeming to have indicated -- in pantomime, on the last episode -- that she and Evan Marriott engaged in a sex act made particularly famous by Monica Lewinsky, in the New York Daily News.

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Juicy bits

If the image of rabid Michael Jackson fans stalking you makes you quake, you're not alone. Jackson interviewer Martin Bashir has pulled out of his Brit Award presenting gig after receiving death threats from fans of his noseless interviewee/foe, the U.K. Sun reports. Death by balcony dangling doesn't sound so pleasant, does it?

Not only are Marc Anthony and his wife, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, still together after their recent-ish split and reconciliation, they're now expecting their second child. The crooner's publicist has confirmed an anticipated stork delivery sometime this fall.

Also due to hatch this fall: Carrie-Anne Moss. The "Matrix" star and her husband, actor Steven Roy, have confirmed to the press that their first child is due to arrive just a few months after "The Matrix: Reloaded" arrives in theaters in May. Here's hoping the delivery's faster than the movie's slo-mo fight scenes.

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