Justin cute? As if!

Christina nixes hotness of 'N Sync heartthrob; J.Lo's just a workin' gal (yawn); trapped in the jury box with Carmen Electra. Plus: Ed Burns, the Earl Anthony of our age?

Amy Reiter
March 1, 2003 2:00AM (UTC)

Who knew that Christina Aguilera was picky when it came to men?

But apparently the dirrty girl gets no ting in the ding for a certain fellow teen popster with whom people often suspect her of hooking up.

"I can read every day who is my new boyfriend," Aguilera told MTV News U.K., "and it's always the guys I don't find attractive at all, like Justin."


Justin Timberlake, that is, with whom she's planning to tour.

"Don't get me wrong. He sure is attractive to thousands of girls," she says, "but he's not my type."

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion he'd say the same thing?

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Lo born, she swears


"That's who I am. I started out in the Bronx, I know what it's like to get on the train every day and work 9-to-5 and to have dreams and aspirations. I definitely see a lot of me in the character."

-- Jennifer Lopez on how she's just like the hotel chambermaid she plays in the film "Maid in Manhattan," to reporters at the movie's U.K. premiere.

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Voir dire or pajama party? You be the judge!

Here's a novel way to get out of jury duty: Flirt with your fellow jurors' husbands.

The unusual method apparently worked recently for Carmen Electra when she was called to serve her civic duty in a Los Angeles courtroom.


According to the World Entertainment News Network, the former "Baywatch" star was dismissed from jury duty after fellow female jurors badgered her into calling up their husbands and boyfriends and leaving them seductive messages.

"Carmen was such a distraction for everyone in the courthouse. So it didn't make much sense to have her around the next day," a source on the scene told WENN, "and the judge made the wise decision to dismiss her."

And she wasn't even wearing her red bikini.


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Hidden talents

"Ed Burns is an incredible bowler ... He could have been a professional, although I'm sure he's happy that he went the acting route."

-- Jacob's Cure founder Jordana Holovach, whose charity is throwing a celebrity-studded bowling fundraiser in New York this week, on a certain actor/director's way with balls and pins, in the New York Observer.


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More surprises!

Like Christina Aguilera, Tom Arnold has his standards, though his have more to do with his career than with his love life.

The ex Mr. Roseanne has decided to just say no to reality TV shows, though, he notes to TV Guide Online, "I get asked to do them all."


He rejected "Celebrity Mole Hawaii," for instance, because "I was afraid that people would have to take their shirts off. I don't do anything where I have to take my shirt off."

And he passed up his big chance to appear on "Celebrity Boxing" because they wanted him to fight a woman, pro wrestler Chyna, which, he notes, could never come to any good.

But the worst offer of the bunch, he reckons, might have been the op to be a judge on "Are You Hot?"

"It's brutal. They have a laser pointer that Lorenzo Lamas points at people's thighs and criticizes them," he tells the TV site. "Honest to God, I would literally rather be working in a meat-packing plant for $9 an hour than do that job."


Anyone hiring?

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