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Giant grasshoppers, Christopher Walken sees aliens and J.Lo dons a maid's uniform.

Published March 25, 2003 9:00PM (EST)

"Beginning of the End" (1957). Directed by Bert I. Gordon. Starring Peter Graves, Peggie Castle, Morris Ankrum, Richard Benedict, James Seay, Thomas B. Henry, Than Wyenn. Not the '40s picture of the same name about making the first atomic blast, but the sci-fi bomb starring giant grasshoppers invading Chicago (Image Entertainment).

"Communion: Special Collector's Edition" (1989). Directed by Philippe Mora. Starring Christopher Walken, Lindsay Crouse. Walken stars as Whitley Strieber, the author visited by strange little creatures. Purportedly based on a true story (Image Entertainment).

"CSI: The Complete First Season" (2000). 23 episodes from the first season in a six-DVD set. Extras: "CSI: People Lie ... But the Evidence Never Does" featurette, the Who's "Who Are You" music video, character profiles. An extensive box set reliving the only new hit drama series of the last four years (Paramount).

"Femme Fatale" (2002). Directed by Brian De Palma. Starring Antonio Banderas, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Peter Coyote, Eriq Ebouaney, Edouard Montoute. Extras: Two featurettes: "From Dream to Reality," discussing the director and cinematographer's approach in creating the film's look, and "Dream Within a Dream," exploring the filmmaker's process and his influence; "Femme Fatale: Dressed to Kill" montage; behind the scenes featurette. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in a leather and La Perla -- and you get to watch (Warner).

"Friday After Next" (2002). Starring Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Anna Maria Horsford, Terry Crews, K.D. Aubert. Extras: Filmmaker commentary by Ice Cube, director Marcus Raboy and producer Matt Alvarez; actor commentary by Katt Williams, Anna Maria Horsford, Terry Crews and K.D. Aubert; deleted scenes with commentary; gag reel; a host of documentaries: "Microphone Fiend," "It Was a Good Day: Behind the Friday Franchise," "Ghetto Fabulous" (costume design), "The Pork Report" (barbecue), "Hump Day" (production), "Holiday in the Hood" (production design); fact track (trivia); music video "It's the Holidaze" by the Westside Connection, Dolby and DTS (New Line).

"Funny Dirty Little War" ("No habra mas penas ni olvido," 1983). Directed by Hector Olivera. Starring Federico Luppi, Hector Bidonde, Victor Laplace. Slapstick war in drunken Argentina (Vanguard Cinema).

"Futurama" Vol. 1 (1999). Three-disc set with the show's first 13 episodes. Extras: Commentary, deleted scenes. Matt Groening's other show, featuring Beastie Boys under glass (Fox).

"George Carlin: Back in Town" (1996). Taped live at New York's Beacon Theatre (MPI Home Video).

"Ghost Ship" (2002). Directed by Steve Beck. Starring Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, Ron Eldard, Desmond Harrington, Isaiah Washington. Horror, on a boat (Warner).

"The Howards of Virginia" (1940). Directed by Frank Lloyd. Starring Cary Grant, Martha Scott, Cedric Hardwicke, Alan Marshal, Richard Carlson. Historical retellng of the war we won with the help of France (Columbia TriStar).

"I'm With Lucy" (2002). Directed by Jon Sherman. Starring Monica Potter, David Boreanaz. Angel, but not Angel (Columbia TriStar).

"Jackass: The Movie" (2002). Starring Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, Preston Lacy, Dave England. Extras: Commentary by Knoxville, director Jeff Tremaine and cinematographer Dimitry Elyashkevich; group commentary by the Jackass cast; MTV's "The Making of Jackass: The Movie"; outtakes; more. "But how did you get that little car in your rectum?" Gross-out laughs with easy-to-use chapter headings (Columbia TriStar).

"Killing Me Softly" (2002). Starring Heather Graham, Joseph Fiennes. Unrated and R-rated editions. Web designers, mountain men: Where did this thriller go wrong? The only saving grace? Nudity (MGM).

"Maid in Manhattan" (2002). Directed by Wayne Wang. Starring Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Stanley Tucci, Bob Hoskins, Frances Conroy, Chris Eigeman, Amy Sedaris, Priscilla Lopez, Tyler Garcia Posey, Marissa Matrone. Extras: Blooper reel. J.Lo in a maid's uniform is certainly someone's fantasy (Columbia TriStar).

"Sex and Lucia" (2002). Starring Paz Vega, Tristan Ulloa, Najwa Nimri. R-rated and unrated editions. Extras: Unrated only: "Making of Sex and Lucia" featurette, photo gallery, location stills, cast interviews (Lions Gate).

"Southern Comfort" (2001). Directed by Kate Davis. Starring Robert Eads, Lola Cola, Maxwell Scott Anderson. Sundance-winning doc tells the tale of a female-to-male transgender procedure (New Video).

"Straw Dogs" (1971) Directed by Sam Peckinpah. Starring Dustin Hoffman, Susan George. Extras: New high-definition digital transfer of the uncut version; commentary by film scholar Stephen Prince; Dustin Hoffman on the set of "Straw Dogs"; behind-the-scenes footage; video interviews with Susan George and Daniel Melnick; isolated music and effects track. Before there was Tarantino, there was Sam Peckinpah (Home Vision/The Criterion Collection).

"The Town Is Quiet" ("La Ville Est Tranquille," 2000). Directed by Robert Guédiguian. Starring Ariane Ascaride, Jean-Pierre Darroussin. Tales of the Marseilles working class (New Yorker Films Video).

"Tom Green: Subway Monkey Hour" (2003). Tom Green comedy special in Japan. Extras: Bonus footage from MTV's "The Tom Green Show" (Paramount).

"Troop Beverly Hills" (1989). Starring Shelley Long, Craig T. Nelson, Betty Thomas, Mary Gross, Stephanie Beacham (Columbia TriStar).

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988) Directed by Robert Zemeckis. Starring Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy, Stubby Kaye, voices of Charles Fleischer, Mel Blanc. Extras: Two-disc Vista Series edition, THX-certified, anamorphic widescreen and full screen transfers, Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround tracks, commentary with the filmmakers, a deleted scene, three Roger Rabbit theatrical cartoon shorts ("Tummy Trouble," "Roller Coaster Rabbit," "Trail Mix-Up"), "Who Made Roger Rabbit" and "Behind the Ears: The True Story of Roger Rabbit" featurettes, "Toontown Confidential" pop-up trivia, "The Valiant Files" interactive gallery, set-top game "Trouble in Toontown," "Toon stand-ins": how to rehearse a scene for Toons, a split-screen comparison and trailers, more (Buena Vista).

"Without Evidence" (1995). Starring Angelina Jolie, Scott Plank, Anna Gun, Andrew Prine. Whatever happened to Angelina Jolie? (MTI)

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