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Published March 29, 2003 12:59AM (EST)

Dear Salon Reader,

As you can read in our recent press release, Salon has obtained an additional infusion of funding from some of our longtime investors.

This is not only a vote of confidence in Salon itself; it's a direct result of the amazing support we have received from our readers. We know that the more than 60,000 of you who are subscribers today have made your own sort of investment in Salon: You've overcome your reluctance to pay for something in a traditionally free medium. You've ignored the doomsayers in the press who have written Salon off so many times now that they've lost credibility. And you've voted with your credit cards to support the kind of fearless independent journalism we've been providing online for seven and a half years.

We know that without your help we wouldn't be publishing today. And we'll continue to work hard to make Salon an even better deal for you -- with more services, more extras, and, most important, more of the kind of coverage you just can't get elsewhere.

If you're not already a subscriber to Salon Premium, you can subscribe now. Every subscription counts.

If you've already subscribed, please consider giving Salon Premium as a gift (as a subscriber, you save 33 percent -- just be sure you're logged in). Just click here. And please accept our thanks once more for putting your money where your browser is.

-- David Talbot

By Salon Staff

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