Gravy Train!!!!: "Hello Doctor"

The riotous debut offering from this electropunk outfit is a send-up of old-school hip-hop, '90s diva house and classic surf rock.

By Nick Hallett
Published April 15, 2003 12:00AM (UTC)
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Gravy Train!!!! is a riotous offering from the Pacific Northwest's punked-out electro scene. The group's debut album, "Hello Doctor," is a send-up of old-school hip-hop, '90s diva house and classic surf rock, and the results are highly entertaining, to say the least.

The song "Kottonmouth BJ" sees frontgrrrl Chunx yipping, "I couldn't manage nothing and that boner asked me why/ I said, you can't bone my mouth when my mouth is bone dry." The notorious "You Made Me Gay" is a duet in which Hunx (the group's token dude) and Chunx have it out like the anti-Nelly'n'Kelly.


Co-produced by former Prima Donnas keyboardist Jon Nikki, the album creams with raw synth lines and cheap beats. "Laffin All the Way to the Bank" riffs off Debbie Deb's 1983 break-dance classic "When I Hear Music" while "Mouthfulla Caps" is a rap medley of gay dance hits from the likes of Robin S. and CeCe Peniston. "Hello Doctor" ends with a lesbian gym teacher leading a "Pussy Thrusts" exercise demo. Get your pelvises shaking -- this is the party disc of 2003!

"Hello Doctor" is out now on Kill Rock Stars.

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