"Bush-free Fridays"

Listen to an audio clip of radio talk-show host Mike Malloy.

Published May 13, 2003 10:40PM (EDT)

After being dumped by Chicago's WLS, Mike Malloy was picked up by the I.E. America Radio Network in October 2000. Owned by the United Auto Workers, the network streams audio on the Internet and serves about 170 stations, none in markets larger than Omaha or Santa Fe. The network's average weekly audience of 1.7 million listeners amounts to what Rush Limbaugh might reach in one or two big cities. By the last count, merely four stations carried Malloy.

To hear a sample of last Thursday's broadcast from Malloy click here (to listen via RealPlayer) or click here (for an MP3 download).

Or go to Malloy's Web site for an archive of his most recent shows.

By Salon Staff

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