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Michael Jackson, Jesus? Johnny Depp, father of the year? Harry Truman, anti-Semite? Plus: Ashton says London paper made up quotes -- and so does the reporter who "wrote" the story.

By Amy Reiter

Published July 11, 2003 3:16PM (EDT)

Michael Jackson has a major crucifixion complex. "I'm not being a braggadocio or anything like that -- but you know you're on top when they start throwing arrows at you. Even Jesus was crucified," he says in an interview with music producer Pharrell Williams in Interview magazine. "People who bring light into the world, from Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King to Jesus Christ, even myself." But doubting thomases shouldn't go looking for stigmata on the nose-free pop star. "I'm resilient," he says. "I have rhinoceros skin." (Liz Smith)

Johnny Depp, father of the year? The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star says if his kids want to smoke a little weed when they're older, he'll be happy to be their supplier. "Out on the street, you never know what you're getting," Depp says in an upcoming interview with GQ. "Suddenly two days later you're beating yourself in the head with a tennis racquet, wearing a towel, quoting Poe. You don't want that for your kid." Certainly not. (Page Six)

Was Harry Truman, long considered a friend of the Jews, a closet anti-Semite? "The Jews have no sense of proportion nor do they have any judgement [sic] on world affairs," Truman wrote in a diary that's just been discovered at the Truman Library in Independence, Mo., and released by the National Archives. "The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish ... When they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog." Sara J. Bloomfield, director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, says, "My reaction is: Wow!" (The Washington Post)

Best of the Rest Page Six: P.R. vet Peggy Siegel played hardball to keep the name of her ex-beau Bruce Colley out of the papers in connection with the Kennedy-Cuomo divorce; "Sleepless in Seattle" producer Lynda Obst jailed in Texas for carrying an ounce of pot; P. Diddy considers buying a watch company; Tommy Mottola moves; Tara Reid denies "dancing on tables," "getting kicked out of clubs" and "chugging down shots"; Jayson Blair's ex-girlfriend looks to cash in with own book.

Rush and Molloy: Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg thrown out of exclusive women's club for not paying bill; Ashton Kutcher says he never called Demi Moore the "hottest actress in Hollywood" when he was a kid or bragged about "bleeping" her, and he wants the London Evening Standard to apologize for fabricating quotes -- the writer of the story does, too; Mick Jagger blows off Jerry Hall's 47th birthday party; Cheryl Tiegs' boyfriend crashes funeral.

The Reliable Source: For sale: JFK's ragged old underwear and stained summer shorts, Jackie's well-worn nightgown and maternity blouse; seller says: "If you knew what we didn't put in because we felt it wasn't appropriate, then you'd understand what our position is. And no, you don't get to know what we excluded."

Cindy Adams: Bruce McNall, shamed Hollywood producer who did time in jail for defrauding banks of $200 million, peddles his biography, says as an ex-con he's hugely popular on the dinner-party circuit: "I'm the centerpiece. I'm like Tom Hanks"; the Hamptons were Nowheresville in 1897; Geraldo's getting married in NYC on Aug. 10, honeymooning in the south of France; Hans Blix eats a piece of fish, complains about U.N.

U.K. Sun Bizarre: Lucy Liu gets a boyfriend, playwright Zach Helm, goes to Norah Jones concert; Brad Pitt revealed to be secret David Beckham fan; Catherine Zeta-Jones plants trees for privacy on her Swansea estate; Kylie Minogue has fallen hard for actor boyfriend Olivier Martinez.

Matt Drudge: Charlie Rose will interview former New York Times executive editor Howell Raines "in a wide-ranging 1-hour conversation on PBS" on July 11.

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