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Salon Premium charter rates extended 15 more days before prices increase. Lock in today's rates for life.

Published July 31, 2003 9:52PM (EDT)

Dear Salon Reader:

No sooner had we gotten ready to pull the switch to increase the price of our annual Salon Premium subscriptions when we encountered a power outage that made it difficult for many to take advantage of our special offer. Even before that the e-mail had started rushing in requesting that we extend the duration of the offer to subscribe at the lower charter rates. Many of you were on vacation and unaware of the special offer. Some of you have been scrambling to get checks in on time, and others just didn't get around to subscribing before the deadline. We're an understanding bunch, so we're going to extend the offer for two weeks. But on Aug. 15 we will raise prices, no exceptions.

You can still lock in at the lower charter rates if you subscribe today.

By subscribing now you'll also be "grandfathered" into today's lower rates for the life of your uninterrupted subscription. Just click here to subscribe for just $30 or $18.50 for an entire year. On Aug. 15 prices will rise to $35 and $22.50 for these plans.

If you're among our current 69,000 subscribers, fear not.

In recognition of those early adopters who have been our most loyal and avid readers, we're keeping subscription prices the same for the rest of your uninterrupted subscription. When you renew, it will continue to be at your current $30 or $18.50 rate, assuming you don't let your subscription expire.

Hurry. Time is indeed money. If you've been meaning to subscribe and support independent journalism but just haven't gotten around to it, do it today and save some money in the process. Click here to subscribe.

Best Regards,

Michael O'Donnell
President and CEO, Salon Media Group

P.S. We've just added a one-year subscription (53 issues) to U.S. News & World Report as a benefit for subscribers at the $30 annual plan.

By Salon Staff

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